Police ID all 4 bodies in Central Islip park slaying

This story was reported by: Sarah Armaghan, Nicole Fuller, Robert E. Kessler, Chau Lam, Mark Morales and David Olson.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini on Friday afternoon pronounced military are stability their review into a heartless slayings of 4 immature group found in a Central Islip park this week, adding that “all indications are that this is a work of MS-13,” a aroused squad suspicion to be behind a spate of killings in a area.

At a news conference, Sini identified a 4 victims found during a park on Wednesday: Jorge Tigre 18, of Bellport, Justin Llivicura, 16, of East Patchogue, Jefferson Villalobos, 18, of Pompano Beach, Florida, and Michael Lopez Banegas, 20, of Brentwood.

“All hands are on deck,” Sini said. “We’ll persevere a required resources to solve these heartless crimes.”

He pronounced a dialect is “making swell in this investigation,” though declined to yield serve details. The dialect is “actively operative with a FBI and a Eastern District of New York,” Sini said, adding that military would raise patrols in a area “significantly and for an indefinite” duration of time.

While Sini pronounced a dialect is posterior all leads, “at this time, all indications are that this is a work of


He also pronounced that victims or people who have information about a slayings shouldn’t fear entrance military given of immigration issues.

“If we come to us as a plant or a witness, we don’t even scrutinise into your immigration status,” he said, adding that those who support law coercion might be authorised for immigration benefits.

Police detected a victims about 8 p.m. Wednesday, several hundred feet south of a soccer margin in a park restrained by Clayton Street and Lowell Avenue.

The 4 were apparently killed with a “sharp or edged instrument,” he said. Although a commissioner pronounced investigators “have not ruled out other possibilities during this point,” he combined that a demeanour of a slayings was “consistent with a modus operandi of MS-13.”

Sources informed with a review pronounced a bodies were mutilated, worked over with both blunt and sensory weapons, presumably bats and machetes.

   Quadruple carnage fits MS-13 pattern


Sini on Friday also referenced a video purportedly depicting a passed bodies. Justin’s family pronounced a video was sent to a teen’s partner a day after a bodies were discovered, and a family pronounced a video showed their son to be among a bodies.

“We are wakeful of a origins and it’s positively partial of a investigation,” Sini pronounced about a video. He also pronounced anyone who viewed a video should hit law enforcement.

“We inspire folks to let us know if they viewed that video,” Sini said.

On Friday, friends and family of a victims distressed over a sudden, aroused deaths of their desired ones.

Family members on Friday pronounced Banegas and Villalobos were cousins, and pronounced Villalobos had been visiting Banegas and had arrived on Long Island with his sister, father and grandmother final Friday, pronounced Yensy Fuentes, a cousin of both a men.

Fear, solve in Central Islip after killings

It was a Villalobos’ second outing to New York, and he and his family was formulation to leave on Monday, pronounced his aunt, Marleni Villalobos, of Pompano Beach.

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“He wanted to accompany my mom, and demeanour what happened,” she said.

Fuentes, 20, also of Pompano Beach, pronounced a family final saw a dual on Tuesday night during 9 p.m., when they left observant they were going to go play soccer.

Both Banegas and Jefferson Villalobos came from Santa Rita, Yoro, Honduras, where their grandparents still live, Fuentes said.

“In a country, squad attack is really common,” she said. “When they wish we to be partial of a gang, they’ll harm we or they’ll kill we if we pronounced no.”

What we know and don’t know about a homicides

Fuentes pronounced military told her family Wednesday dusk that Banegas and Villalobos were among a dead. She, along with Villalobos’ mother, sister, and aunt gathering to Long Island from Florida as shortly as they listened a news.

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Fuentes and her family went to a park Friday morning to lay flowers and crosses during a site where a bodies were discovered.

“It usually gives us assent in a hearts, and creates us feel better,” she explained.

Sini pronounced a accurate date and time of a killings won’t be expelled publicly, though that a 4 homicides occurred during a same time “within a past few days” during a park.

Just before 9 a.m. Friday, 4 Town of Islip Park Department employees were bustling soaking a territory of a paved route circuitously where a 4 bodies were found.


The territory of route is located during a southwest dilemma of a park, pronounced Town Parks Commissioner Tom Owens, who was during a stage supervising a cleanup efforts. The route can be accessed from an opening in a blockade on Lowell Avenue, usually a brief stretch from East Chestnut Street.

“They went by a blockade to get behind here, unfortunately,” pronounced Owens.

Blanca Zhicat and Marcelo Llivicura pronounced their son’s partner was sent a video of a bodies and in it they famous their son, who was wearing a same garments as when they final saw him Tuesday night. He had pronounced he was going to a celebration in Manhattan.

When a partner got a video Thursday afternoon, she alerted a parents, and they pronounced they called a police.

Justin was reported as a blank chairman to Suffolk military on Wednesday during 7:08 p.m., and a review began “within 3 minutes,” military said.

Recent LI mop shots

On Friday morning, dual friends of Justin’s family sat in a vital room of a family’s light-yellow residence in East Patchogue circuitously an tabernacle a family had combined in a teenager’s honor.

Four high potion candles — dual with a picture of a Virgin of Guadalupe, one with Jesus, a other transparent — sat on a white tablecloth in front of a framed print of a then-10-year-old Justin.

“He was a good person,” Marcelo Llivicura pronounced in Spanish. “He never got into gangs, never smoked. From what we saw here, we never saw anything bad.”

Llivicura pronounced his son desired listening to normal Ecuadorean song and operative on his white Scion, that was still parked in a drive Friday. He also enjoyed personification and articulate with his 3 sisters, ages 4, 12 and 19.

“He was really laid-back,” he said.


A Suffolk County medical examiner’s lorry removes a physique from a park circuitously a Central Islip Recreation Center on Thursday, Apr 13, 2017. Four bodies were found in a wooded area, military said. Photo Credit: James Carbone

Llivicura paused as photos of his son and Tigre flashed onto his radio shade during a News 12 Long Island news on a murders.

“There he is,” Llivicura pronounced in Spanish, before quickly switching to English to gently say, “The blue shirt.”

They pronounced they mostly keep a radio on to see if there are updates on a case.

Marcelo Llivicura’s brother-in-law, José Yanza, 48, pronounced in Spanish that his nephew “was really respectful, really well-mannered.”

Yanza pronounced Justin volunteered to assistance not usually around his possess home, though during Yanza’s, that is circuitously in East Patchogue and where a teen would come a few days a week to consort with Yanza’s dual daughters and son

“When someone was doing something, he always favourite to assistance — in a kitchen, with work, cleaning a house, everything,” Yanza said.

Family was paramount, he said.

“I can’t contend anything bad about him,” he said. “He never did anything wrong.”

Relatives of Tigre pronounced military told them he is among a dead. Tigre’s brother, William Tigre, 21, of Bellport, told reporters that he got a call from a crony during 7:30 p.m. Wednesday observant his hermit was harmed and during a park.

“He told me my hermit was hurt. . . . He usually told me, ‘quick your hermit was there. we saw him there, and you’ve got to go there,’ ” William Tigre said.

Tigre pronounced he spoke to investigators during a scene, though he did not get any information from them.

Jorge Tigre had been reported blank to Suffolk military during 3:28 p.m. Wednesday and military began acid for him during 3:36 p.m., military pronounced Thursday.

On Friday, Tigre’s desired ones huddled together during a family’s home, dubious that a immature male — an determined military officer — was gone.

Tigre’s mother, Bertha Ullaguari, 43, sat on her vital room cough and wailed as she recanted a horrors of entrance to grips with how her son will never come home again.

“He was my pleasing boy. Why did they kill him? My God, why?” pronounced Ullaguari. “What an injustice. Disgraceful.”

Tigre, one of 6 children, was remembered by his family as a joyful kid, always looking to play with his family.

The teen, an respect hurl comparison during Bellport High School, played with his siblings, either it was soccer or usually using around. Tigre would mostly assistance out around a house, doing a dishes or cleaning a bathroom, always with a grin on his face, his mom said. Tigre talked mostly about his dreams of apropos a military officer or following a career in rapist justice.

“He was a good brother. He was good to me. He always done me laugh,” pronounced his sister, Monica Tigre, 20. “He always got along with everyone. It didn’t matter if someone did him wrong, he was still good.”

Tigre’s family pronounced he had during slightest one crony who was a member of a MS-13 gang, though they didn’t consider most of it until a Sep slayings of dual teenage girls in Brentwood.

Tigre distanced himself from anyone during propagandize compared with MS-13, though his family pronounced a squad had started targeting him.

“Almost each day they would squash his tires. He always had to go get his automobile bound given they would always harm it during school,” his sister said. “He never wanted to contend anything to my mother. He was frightened of removing hurt.”

On Thursday, Sini announced a $25,000 “fast money reward” — to be paid within 72 hours and in and with Suffolk Crime Stoppers — for information heading to a detain of whomever committed a killings, and stressed that a dialect is operative closely with a FBI to solve a case.

FBI mouthpiece Amy Thoreson pronounced a FBI’s Long Island Gang Task Force is operative with Suffolk military on a investigation.

“The new squad attack in a area is a Long Island Gang Task Force’s series one priority, and we are seeking anyone with information about what happened to hit us during 631-501-8600,” Thoreson pronounced in a statement.

The find comes 6 weeks after some-more than a half-dozen members of MS-13 — a aroused travel squad with ties to El Salvador — were charged in a killings of Brentwood teenagers Kayla Cuevas, 16, and Nisa Mickens, 15, and an MS-13 member, Jose Peña-Hernandez, 18, officials said.

Sources pronounced MS-13 members are underneath heated vigour underneath a gang’s aroused anti-social formula to “put in work” — that is, to kill those viewed as rivals, such as members of other gangs or people believed to have disrespected a gang. Refusal to “put in work,” according to a sources, can outcome in a demure squad member being targeted for genocide for defying a squad code.

And augmenting a vigour for violence, there are vast numbers of squad members newly arrived on Long Island, especially from El Salvador, who have nonetheless to infer themselves unless they rivet in violence, a sources said.

The killings of a Brentwood girls, who were found beaten with bats and machetes, and a find of several sets of fundamental stays of other immature victims, repelled a village and stirred Suffolk military to control a monthslong sweep, ensuing in some-more than 125 arrests on state charges, directed during wiping out a travel squad and gaining intelligence.

Sini pronounced Thursday that investigators would continue with strategies, including concentrating on intelligence, that have been operative to tamp down squad activity in an “all-hands-on-deck” assault. He combined cops also would muster new strategies that would not be publicly revealed.

“No doubt, we’ve done extensive progress, we’ve solved several murders, including Nisa and Kayla. We’ve done hundreds of arrests,” Sini said. “But this is a long-term war. And make no mistake about it, it’s a war.”


Suffolk military have pronounced they trust during slightest 11 homicides in Brentwood and Central Islip given Sep 2016 are gang-related.

  • Nisa Mickens, 15, found Sept. 13 in a wooded area in Brentwood.
  • Kayla Cuevas, 16, found Sept. 14 circuitously where Mickens’ physique was found.
  • Oscar Acosta, 19, found Sept. 16 in a wooded, industrial area in Brentwood.
  • Miguel Garcia Morán, 15, found Sept. 21 in a same area circuitously a LIRR marks as Acosta’s remains.
  • Dewann A.S. Stacks, 34, found Oct. 13 in Brentwood. Stacks had been walking along American Boulevard when he was assaulted, military said.
  • Jose Peña-Hernandez, 18, found on Oct. 17 in a wooded area of a Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Brentwood.
  • Esteban Alvarado-Bonilla, 29, shot and killed inside a Central Islip deli on Jan. 30.
  • Four immature men, found in a Central Islip park on Wednesday. Family members identified dual of them as Justin Llivicura, 16, of East Patchogue, and Jorge Tigre, 18, of Bellport.

Compiled by Zachary R. Dowdy

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