Potential Trade Packages and Landing Spots for Pacers Star Paul George

    Brian Babineau/Getty Images

    Boston Celtics Receive: Paul George

    Indiana Pacers Receive: PG Terry Rozier, No. 37 pick, 2018 first-round collect (via Lakers)/2019 first-round collect (via Sacramento Kings)

    The Boston Celtics can blow each possible offer for George out of a water. But will they? That’s a negative.

    Renting George isn’t an choice a Celtics are considering, according to Basketball Insiders’ Steve Kyler. They’ll be during a negotiate table, since they’re always during a negotiate table, though they, most like a Lakers, needn’t hook over retrograde to accommodate a Pacers’ seeking price.

    Other squads will lamentation whiffing on George. The Celtics? They’ll only review to regulating top space on another star, like Hayward. That’s been a devise all along, and it’ll be difficult, despite not impossible, to supplement Hayward while also spendthrift a salary-cap coherence it’ll take to tilt in George.

    Things change if a Cavaliers tumble out of a using and a Lakers aren’t coerced into relocating on George now. The Pacers, underneath those circumstances, would be propitious to get for George what a Sacramento Kings brokered for Cousins—Buddy Hield, a top-10 collect and filler.

    And that kind of an offer is right in a Celtics’ wheelhouse. After trade a No 1 collect to a Philadelphia 76ers, as reported by Wojnarowksi, they can arrange a package around a Lakers’ stable first-rounder in 2018, that they’ll get if it falls between second and fifth overall. If that collect doesn’t convey, they’ll have a Kings’ first-rounder in 2019.

    Receiving a high-end first-rounder by 2019 should bother a Pacers’ attention. They’ll have Terry Rozier and a No. 37 collect to reason them over in a meantime, and if they’re dynamic for a some-more evident return, they can aim for a multiple of Boston’s possess 2018 preference and 2019 picks from a Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies.

    Once more, a Pacers are settling for a below-market return. Then again, with George median to Los Angeles, this is a marketplace in that they’re shopping.

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