‘Pretty Little Liars’ reveals a temperament of AD in a twist-filled array finale

Sasha Pieterse, Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario in a array culmination of “Pretty Little Liars.” (Eric McCandless/Freeform)

Note: This post contains spoilers from a array culmination of “Pretty Little Liars.”

“Pretty Little Liars” suggested a temperament of a uber villain, famous as A.D., in a array culmination Tuesday night, and a Internet has had a lot to contend about it. Let’s supplement PLL to a prolonged list of argumentative array finales, and send a sentimental XOXO to Dan Humphrey while we’re during it.

The Freeform play ran for 7 seasons, though took five years to exhibit a temperament of a initial knave — a infamous, digitally-savvy stalker famous as A, who initial started harassing Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily while they were high propagandize students. A incited out to be CeCe Drake, a adopted sister of Alison DiLaurentis, who went missing and was reputed passed by a finish of the show’s commander episode.

After a five-year time jump, A.D. picked adult where A left off. Unlike CeCe, who was introduced (under portentous circumstances) in Season 3, A.D. turned out to be someone fans had never met — during least, not strictly — until a array finale. A.D. stands for Alex Drake, CeCe’s half sister and a matching twin of … Spencer Hastings.

The thought that Spencer (or any of a Liars) had a sinful immorality twin was a long-floated fan theory, so a exhibit wasn’t totally unexpected. But given Alex Drake seemed to come out of nowhere in the show’s 160th episode, a lot of fans aren’t happy. Also adult for debate: Alex’s British accent.

The initial half of Season 7 finished with Spencer training she was a biological daughter of Mary Drake, a matching twin of Alison’s mother, Jessica DiLaurentis. What Spencer didn’t know was that Alex had been born, unexpectedly, after Spencer was given to her father, Peter, and his wife, Veronica, who lifted Spencer as her daughter. Alex spent her early childhood in a British institution and, after assembly CeCe, became fixated on Spencer, her amatory relatives and her constant organisation of friends.

In Tuesday’s finale, Alex recruited earlier A-teamer Mona to kidnap Spencer and move her to an undisclosed location, where Spencer met Alex face-to-face for a initial time. Flashbacks suggested that Alex had been posing as Spencer for many of a season, even sleeping with her earlier boyfriend, Toby, and comforting Hanna when she was being hold captive.

The A.D. reveal did solve one of PLL’s biggest mysteries: Wren Kingston. Wren, who had a repeated hurl with Spencer and was once intent to her sister, Melissa, was always a rather untrustworthy participation in a PLL universe, with some fans even suspecting he was A. Ultimately, Wren was suggested to be on A organisation — had depressed in adore with Alex and introduced her to CeCe. Alex recruited him to do many of her bidding, including sharpened her so she would demeanour accurately like Spencer, who was shot in a Season 7 midsummer finale. Wren also incited out to be a father of Alison and Emily’s twin daughters, who we got to accommodate after a one-year time jump. Even that wasn’t adequate to win Alex’s faithfulness — she confessed to murdering him and branch his remains into an forever diamond.

Troian Bellisario as Spencer, er, Alex and one of Emison’s twins in a array culmination of “Pretty Little Liars.” (Eric McCandless/Freeform)

Tuesday’s culmination found Alex attempting her many contemptuous impersonation of Spencer — during Aria’s wedding. Aria was left sad when Ezra texted her to contend he wouldn’t be coming, a growth she attributed to a quarrel they had after their operation cooking after Aria suggested she was incompetent to have children and had consulted mixed doctors though revelation Ezra that anything was wrong. But when a Liars detected that Ezra’s automobile had been during a hotel a whole time, they satisfied that A.D. had gotten to him. Ezra finished adult being in a same subterraneous fort as Spencer.

In a end, it was an doubtful fan — a still-blind Jenna Marshall — who brought A.D. to justice. After a run-in with Spencer, Jenna sensitive her stepbrother, Toby, that she suspected Spencer wasn’t “really Spencer.” And Mona showed adult to approach a Liars to A.D.’s bunker, built in a groundwork of a residence Toby built, ostensibly, for his late wife, Yvonne. Alex had turn so spooky with apropos Spencer that she decorated the home with a accurate seat Spencer had in her parents’ barnhouse.

Using a coordinates that Mona (of course) had obtained, a Liars rushed to save Spencer and Ezra. Alex attempted to upset a organisation by sanctimonious to be Spencer, though Toby identified a impostor when she couldn’t recite Spencer’s favorite poem. Alex was taken divided in handcuffs, and Aria and Ezra got their (problematic) happily-ever-after when they were married in a same church that had played horde to Alison’s feign funeral, CeCe’s genocide and other pivotal PLL moments.

In other updates: Hanna and Caleb are pregnant! Alison and Emily are engaged. Aria and Ezra are looking into adoption. Mona finished adult with a military officer who arrested Alex, and it looks like she’ll never utterly be over a whole dollhouse thing. Mary and Alex, meanwhile, somehow avoided genuine jail and finished adult in a fort of Mona’s possess making.

And since this is “Pretty Little Liars,” we’re never utterly giveaway of A’s hold or a hazard of a spinoff. We saw Addison, Rosewood’s newest bully, go blank after a sleepover with her friends. A defence to uncover creator I. Marlene King: Please, don’t try to make Addi happen.

Other observations:

A.D. unequivocally mastered a art of mask-making. Mona as Melissa was flattering convincing.

Like PLL fans everywhere, a moms haven’t lost that time they got locked in a basement. They still won’t tell us how they got out.

Where is Mike Montgomery? Aria’s hermit has always been elusive, though he doesn’t even uncover adult to her wedding? Rude.

I. Marlene King did uncover adult to a marriage (in a impertinent cameo).


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