Pretty Little Liars array finale: I. Marlene King reveals her strange thought for AD

Spoiler alert: This post contains tract sum from a array culmination of Pretty Little Liars.

After dual hours of fake-outs and flashbacks, Pretty Little Liars finally answered a doubt fans have been seeking for years: Who is A.D.? Turns out, it was someone named Alex Drake, or as a PLL fans cite to call her, Twincer. Yep, A.D. was Spencer’s tip (and unequivocally evil) twin.

It was Wren who detected Alex in London, after that he told her all about her long-lost family in Rosewood. And once Alex connected with her half-sister Charlotte, she satisfied usually what she’d been missing. But when Charlotte was murdered, Alex did a usually thing she could consider of: torture a Liars until Charlotte’s torpedo was revealed. And after that worked, Alex came adult with a new plan. She was going to kidnap Spencer and assume her identity. And it roughly worked. But, in a end, a Liars got their happy ending, and it was Mona who walked divided as a ultimate “A.”

EW spoke with PLL showrunner I. Marlene King about a finale’s large reveals and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When it came to a A.D. reveal, how did a suspicion of Alex Drake come to you? Were there other ideas we couldn’t make work?
I. MARLENE KING: Originally my mind was going to Wren as A.D., though we had to be picturesque and there have been times when we unequivocally indispensable a impression who wasn’t a array unchanging and we couldn’t get them on a show. The uncover is so deeply secure in mythology and I’ve always pronounced we have to know a finale before we know a commencement or else it won’t make sense, so that commanded that we indispensable to make A.D. someone who was a array regular. we know a lot of fans wanted it to be one of a Pretty Little Liars, though we could never clear that being loyal given a uncover was always about their umbrella friendship. That afterwards arrange of led to this suspicion of, well, if we make it a twin of one of a Pretty Little Liars, that’s arrange of like creation it a PLL, though ultimately, it creates some-more sense.

How did we collect that PLL got a twin?
We had already started a mythology about Peter Hastings sleeping with Jessica and afterwards meaningful that he incidentally slept with Mary, it usually done so many sense. Even a fact that they’ve lived together given a commander and those dual families are usually so intertwined, it done a lot of clarity to make it Spencer.

So when did Alex start display adult in Rosewood?
As shortly as Charlotte was killed, that’s what encouraged Alex to come to town. So nonetheless we didn’t see Alex on shade until deteriorate 7, Alex was A.D. in 6B.

So Alex was a one who shot Spencer?

Who visited Mona in a black hoodie during a start of a hour?
That was Wren.

That was Wren before he was done into a necklace.
Yes. [Laughs] Exactly.

I’m frightened to ask about how Alex got him to father those babies.
We suspicion we had that actor for some-more days than we did. we had combined a genocide scene, and in that stage that we never shot, he says to Alex, “I even combined life for you.” So Wren knew that he was a father of those babies.

Was there anyone we unequivocally wanted to get behind that we couldn’t?
We got Melissa. We unequivocally wanted to get Jason back. We couldn’t get Jason. And we unequivocally wanted Mike, Cody Christian, and we couldn’t get him behind either. Both were bustling on other shows.

I adore that Mona eventually won a game. How did that come about?
That was a whole writers’ room brainstorming. We didn’t usually wish to leave it on a unhappy goodbye. What’s a turn on a turn that will get we excited? And we wanted Mona to live happily ever after, so we came adult with that.

For you, what was a many formidable stage to write?
Definitely a girls observant goodbye to any other was formidable to write. we finished a book substantially a month before we wrote that scene. It took me a prolonged time to lay down. We were substantially already prepping that part and Lisa Cochran was like, “You have to write that scene, Marlene. Go to your bureau and write that scene.” As a writer, that was my goodbye to a PLLs. It was a tough one.

I know they finished adult together, though can we guarantee me that Toby and Spencer are removing married and are together forever?
Yes. we wish fans got that. We literally did say, could we have a double wedding? Or should we have a triple wedding? That felt like it was a small too much. But we consider they got their happy ending.

The unequivocally final stage could be seen as a finale of a section or a commencement of a new section with a new era of PLLs. Is that something you’re meditative you’d like to explore?
Yes. we usually adore this town, and Rosewood is such a fascinating place. Not usually myself though all a writers — even a studio and a network — we all desired a suspicion of saying, “This section ends though either we ever see it on shade or not, a assembly knows that a creepiness of this city continues.”

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