Print, Share and Enjoy These 3 Free Solar Eclipse 2017 Posters

A array of 3 giveaway posters from are yours to download, to use in credentials for a arriving “Great American Eclipse.”

The Aug. 21 sum solar obscure will be manifest within a frame of land from Oregon to South Carolina. Inside this path, a moon will totally cover a face of a sun. The new 11 by 17 in. posters applaud this singular arise when a U.S. will be a usually nation from that a obscure is visible. is really vehement to combine on these posters with veteran astronomer, teacher and artist Tyler Nordgren, whose cosmic-themed works are often finished in a style suggestive of a Works Progress Administration posters combined in a 1930s and 1940s for a U.S. National Parks System.The main, musical print was designed by Nordgren; a dual additional posters yield elementary information about when and where to see a eclipse, and eclipse-viewing safety.

The high-resolution print files are accessible for download by a following links:

One of 3 giveaway sum solar obscure posters from shows viewers how to use correct eye reserve while observation a eclipse.

“I am a outrageous fan of simple, purify lines and colors in artwork,” Nordgren told in an email. “I’ve always desired print art from a 1930s to 1950s and a feeling they give of a elementary nonetheless sparkling universe (especially when it comes to travel) and try to imitate that in my possess work.”

The reserve and information posters were designed by members of Purch Studios, partial of’s primogenitor company, Purch. One of a posters provides elementary information about a location of a trail of totality, within that 100 percent of a sun’s hoop will be lonesome by a moon. The map also shows a commission of a object that will be lonesome in regions outward a trail of totality.

“We knew we wanted to commemorate this obscure with a branded print that distinguished a singular occurrence that would camber by so many states,” pronounced Jef Castro, emissary print executive during Purch. “In a research, we came opposite Dr. Nordgren’s obscure illustrations and knew that his passion and tinge were what we wanted to express.” 

You can learn some-more about Nordgren’s work during his website:

This giveaway 2017 sum solar obscure print from shows a trail of assemblage opposite a U.S.

One of a posters combined by Purch Studios provides an discerning overview of elementary safety discipline for watching a sun; observers can select to use solar-viewing glasses, a pinhole camera, a telescope or binoculars with a object filter, or a object funnel. Viewers should know that they need eye insurance whenever any partial of a sun’s hoop is visible, though viewers in a trail of assemblage can mislay their eye insurance when a moon totally covers a sun’s disk.

“Tyler’s print was a jumping-off indicate for a other dual materials, as we used his tone palette as a cultured by line,” Castro said. “The tone choices evoked a American dwindle and hints during a dark of a totality.” 

“Ultimately, we wish that these materials are fun and useful,” he said. “We wish everybody to suffer a obscure together and scrupulously strengthen their eyes in a process!”

Editor’s note: has teamed adult with Simulation Curriculum to offer this overwhelming Eclipse Safari app to assistance we suffer your obscure experience. The giveaway app is available for Apple and Android, and we can perspective it on a web. If we take an extraordinary print of a Aug. 21 solar eclipse, let us know! Send photos and comments to:

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