Project Fi Showdown: Splurge on a Pixel 2 or Save on a Moto X4?

You wouldn’t customarily consider to review Google’s new Pixel 2 to a Moto X4 Android One. The initial phone’s a flagship device from Google that promises to broach a purify Android experience; a other is a midrange Motorola indication that costs $250 reduction and lacks a Pixel’s high-end hardware and features.

Moto X4 (left) and Google Pixel 2 (right)Moto X4 (left) and Google Pixel 2 (right)But there’s a good reason to smoke-stack adult these really opposite phones side by side: They both support Google’s Project Fi wireless network. With final year’s Pixel now in brief supply, if we wish to use Google’s wireless service, these dual phones are expected your choices.

So, should we opt for a full Google knowledge with a $649 Pixel 2 or try to save a few bucks with a $399 Moto X4? To assistance we decide, here’s a beam explaining what accurately you’re blank out on by opting for a reduction costly handset. Fortunately, a X4 compares utterly agreeably to a Pixel 2, charity a lot of value and many of a same functionality, with a integrate of gaps here and there.

  • The Pixel 2’s OLED shade is crook and some-more colorful.
  • The Pixel 2’s more-powerful processor performs softened overall.
  • The Pixel 2’s camera has softened energetic operation and low-light performance.
  • The Moto X4’s bigger battery lasts a bit longer on a charge.
  • Both phones are water-resistant, yet usually a Moto X4 facilities a headphone jack.


Admittedly, conjunction of these phones is accurately a looker; both competition corpulent bezels and rather normal designs.

Google Pixel 2Google Pixel 2The Pixel 2 wins for a mostly steel construction, with a powdered finish to a aluminum framework that provides a some-more reward feel than a X4’s glass. However, a X4 has a fingerprint sensor on a front rather than a back, that some users might prefer. Motorola’s phone also facilities a headphone jack, given a Pixel 2 relies exclusively on USB-C.

Moto X4Moto X4Both phones are water-resistant, yet a X4 fares somewhat better, with a extent abyss of 5 feet contra 3.3 feet on a Pixel 2, for a extent of 30 minutes.


The dual devices’ screens are utterly different. The Pixel 2 uses a 5-inch, 1080p Samsung-sourced AMOLED panel. It’s not a same as a cosmetic OLED shade in a Pixel 2 XL, that has been exhibiting a accumulation of issues given launch, from burn-in to bad observation angles.

The Pixel 2’s arrangement still isn’t utterly as transparent as what you’ll find in a Galaxy S8, yet it appears this was a counsel choice on Google’s part, to go for a some-more picturesque tone operation than many other phone makers offer.

The X4, conversely, creates do with a 5.2-inch LCD row during a same, full-HD resolution. It’s good as distant as LCD screens go, yet we get what we compensate for.

Moto X4Moto X4The X4’s shade simply can’t review to a sable blacks and jam-packed hues of a Pixel 2, nor does it offer a always-on time and notifications that OLED phones typically feature. The one advantage a X4 has going for it is that it gets many brighter: 513 nits contra a Pixel 2’s 346.


The X4 might have double a back cameras of a Pixel 2, yet in this instance, a numbers are misleading. Motorola’s handset combines a 12-megapixel sensor with an 8-MP wide-angle lens, yet Google’s offering, with a single, 12-MP shooter, is consistently a softened camera in many situations.

Colors simply cocktail in a Pixel 2’s shot, with softened white balance, correct contrariety that doesn’t blow out highlights and shadows, and softened low-light opening interjection in partial to a wider, f/1.8 aperture.

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The Pixel 2’s outlay is crook and concurrently reduction grainy. It’s also many quicker to constraint photos. Pressing a shiver symbol with HDR mode activated on a X4 constructed an destined 1- to 2-second check each time — something that never influenced a Pixel 2 unit.

Additionally, both phones are able of portrait-style abyss of field. The X4 impressively allows we to adjust a strength of a outcome on a fly, yet a formula simply aren’t as convincing. The final product resembles a common Photoshop pursuit compared to a clean, picturesque bearing we get from a Pixel 2.

Battery Life

If we wish a phone that lasts by a day on a charge, we won’t be unhappy with possibly of these devices. While a Pixel 2 sports a somewhat smaller battery than a X4 — 2,700 mAh compared to 3,000 mAh — it posted scarcely as glorious battery life in a Tom’s Guide Battery Test, that involves continual web surfing over LTE.

Google Pixel 2Google Pixel 2Google’s phone delivered 11 hours and 7 mins of continual LTE web surfing on Verizon’s network, while a X4 managed 11 hours and 41 mins on Project Fi. There are infrequently discrepancies in longevity between networks, yet overall, both phones are within a same ballpark.

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Unfortunately, conjunction phone boasts wireless charging, yet both come with fast-charging adapters that broach 6 hours of energy in 15 minutes.


The X4’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor is no slouch, yet it pales in comparison to a Snapdragon 835 that powers a Pixel 2. Google’s phone also advantages from an additional gigabyte of RAM, for a sum of 4GB instead of 3GB.

Turning to Geekbench, that tests altogether performance, a Pixel 2 expectedly touts a large advantage over a X4, posting a measure of 6,282 opposite 4,122. In real-world use, a Motorola performs utterly good many of a time, yet if we lift your phone by frequently switching between apps and personification perfectionist games, a Pixel 2 is value a additional cash.

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The Pixel 2 offers some-more onboard storage — 64GB — than a 32GB you’ll get with a X4. But Motorola’s phone facilities a microSD container that’s MIA on a Pixel 2, so we can enhance a X4’s storage to 2TB.


Both phones run batch Android, yet a Pixel 2 gets a curtsy since it already has chronicle 8.0 Oreo, a newest recover of Google’s OS. The X4 is still stranded on 7.1.1 Nougat, yet since it’s an Android One device, owners shouldn’t need to wait really prolonged for a update.

The X4 indeed has a integrate of Motorola-specific gestures housed in a Moto Actions app, like clout twice for flashlight and turn twice for camera. However, these are a usually departures from vanilla Android you’ll find. In terms of software, a X4 might as good be a Nexus or Pixel product. Another chronicle of a X4 though a Android One branding includes Amazon’s Alexa as an choice to Google Assistant, yet this chronicle is not concordant with Project Fi.

Unfortunately, a X4, like flattering many all non-Google phones, will skip out on one of a Pixel 2’s many sparkling facilities during launch: Google Lens. This allows we to indicate landmarks and objects regulating your phone’s camera and lift adult applicable information and actionable content. For example, focusing in on a router’s name and cue will lead to a prompt where we can immediately bond to that router’s network, while aiming Lens during a grill will broach reviews of that establishment. Google has pronounced this underline will eventually arrive to all of a new Android phones down a line, yet it stays a Pixel disdainful for now.

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Finally, it contingency be mentioned that you’ll accept an additional year of program updates from Google if we opt for a Pixel 2. Support for a X4, like with flattering many each other Android device, is expected to finish after a phone’s spent 24 months on a market.

Bottom Line

The Moto X4 Android One is roughly like a Nexus phone for a complicated era; it’s a pretty versed and labelled phone designed by a third-party Android manufacturer, using Google’s sheer prophesy of a platform. It’s a finish handset in a possess right, and depending on your needs, it might fit we only fine.

But it does make transparent compromises, namely with a camera, arrangement and processor when we review it to a Pixel 2. These are a areas where a Pixel 2 earns a $250 reward over Motorola’s offering. If they’re critical to you, we shouldn’t consider twice about dropping a additional money on Google’s flagship. But if you’re looking for a cheapest entrance indicate to Project Fi, we can still design a good altogether knowledge with a Moto X4.

Credit: Tom’s Guide

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