PwC’s Oscars wave might not do long-term repairs to the reputation

It’s a dream pursuit for those who routinely grind in shade poring over rows of dry financial statements and formidable taxation returns.

But for hulk accounting organisation PricewaterhouseCoopers, a doing of a balloting routine for a Academy Awards unexpected incited into a public-relations nightmare.

One of a dual accountants in assign of Oscars opinion counting mistakenly handed actor Warren Beatty a wrong pouch for a best design award, sparking a pell-mell finale of a Academy Awards ceremony, a orator for a accounting organisation pronounced Monday.

Beatty was handed a wrong pouch during Sunday night’s uncover by Brian Cullinan, a handling partner and a lead partner for a Oscars balloting, PwC orator Mao-Lin Shen said. Shen declined to elaborate, though a organisation is stability to examine what happened.