QB Matt Moore ‘ready if need be’ in arise of Ryan Tannehill’s injury

10:39 PM ET

DAVIE, Fla. — Matt Moore spent his initial full use of training stay as a Miami Dolphins’ starting quarterback Friday.

It could be a initial of many in that purpose depending on what a group decides to do with harmed starter Ryan Tannehill, who suffered a left knee damage Thursday. But Moore pronounced he is assured and gentle in holding over as a starter.

“Everything is on a list right now,” Gase said. “We’re going to speak to a lot of people.”

Gase pronounced that he hasn’t suspicion about adding another quarterback during this time.

Two possibilities are Jay Cutler, who played underneath Gase in Chicago, and giveaway representative Colin Kaepernick. Cutler assimilated Fox Sports as a TV researcher in May.

The Dolphins have been in communication with Cutler, though those conversations have not materialized over really elementary conversations about a situations confronting both, group and joining sources told ESPN’s Jeff Darlington on Friday.

Cutler’s stay intimated a hit — and a Dolphins have done clear, for a moment, they are focused on training some-more about Tannehill’s knee injury. But of course, given a attribute between Gase and Cutler, this discourse will be easy and open as a conditions unfolds.

Tannehill watched a apportionment of use from inside a cafeteria Friday with his left leg outstretched as he awaits a vital decision.

“He’s apparently waiting, and we all are,” Moore said. “Nobody knows what’s going on, though he seems to be in good spirits. He was here examination fasten with us yesterday with all of us and unresolved out. So it was good.”

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