Read Benchmark’s Letter to Uber Employees Explaining Why It’s Suing Former CEO Travis Kalanick

riddled with lies and fake allegations.

He issued a open matter about a lawsuit today, saying, “Like many shareholders, we am unhappy and confused by Benchmark’s antagonistic actions, that clearly are not in a best interests of Uber and a employees on whose interest they explain to be acting. Since 2009, building Uber into a good association has been my passion and obsession. we continue to work tirelessly with a house to brand and sinecure a best CEO to beam Uber into a subsequent proviso of expansion and safeguard a continued success.”

Kalanick stepped down as arch executive on Jun 20 after increasing inspection for a enlightenment of sexism and rule-breaking during a association he helped start in 2009. Despite critique of his contentious government style, Benchmark publicly upheld him for some time until it altered a mind and called for his ousting. Kalanick was forced to renounce after a organisation of investors including Benchmark, First Round Capital, Lowercase Capital, Menlo Ventures and Fidelity Investments all pulpy him to quit.


Benchmark claims in a minute that it warned Kalanick a month ago that it would “resort to litigation” if he refused to step divided from a embattled tech giant’s day-to-day operations. Instead, he reportedly continued his impasse and “created doubt for everyone” and undermined a success of a hunt for his replacement.

“We waited and waited, examination as things run-down even further,” a minute reads. “Eventually we felt that we could wait no longer and took action.”

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On Friday, a organisation of Uber shareholders including investors Shervin Pishevar, Ron Burkle, and Adam Leber asked Benchmark to give adult a mark on a company’s house and deprive a infancy of a shares “so as to stop to have Board appointment rights.”

Read Benchmark’s minute in full below:

To a Uber Employees:

Uber is a many critical and earnest association of a generation. We have extensive honour for a implausible work we do to yield this critical use in cities all around a universe and to emanate work opportunities for millions of people globally.

We know that many of we are seeking because Benchmark filed a lawsuit opposite Travis final week.

Perhaps a improved doubt is because we didn’t act sooner. As we know, Travis quiescent in Jun during a ask of a vast organisation of shareholders that enclosed Benchmark. It was a singular and intensely formidable step for us. But we acted out of a low self-assurance that it would be improved for Uber, a employees, and investors to have a uninformed start. We believed then, as we trust now, that unwell to act would have meant endorsing function that was definitely unsuitable in any company, let alone a association of Uber’s distance and importance.

It’s easy to revoke this conditions to a conflict of personalities. But this isn’t about Benchmark contra Travis. It’s about ensuring that Uber can strech a full intensity as a company. And that will usually occur if we get absolved of a roadblocks and distractions that have tormented Uber, and a board, for distant too long. We need to concentration on a work forward — on building a association that everybody is unapproachable to be compared with: employees, riders, drivers, and a cities we serve. You merit that. You have always deserved that. We are contemptible that it has taken us so prolonged to do a right thing.

We wish to residence 3 pivotal issues with this action.

CEO Search: Nothing is some-more critical than anticipating a right new personality for Uber. The best CEO possibilities will usually wish to join if they trust that a house is truly independent, but any bulletin other than a long-term success of a business.

The hunt for a new CEO started over 50 days ago. It was during a same time that Travis concluded in essay to cgange a company’s voting agreement to safeguard that a house was stoical of independent, diverse, and good competent directors. Despite similar in essay to pointer these amendments, he has still not finished so.

Travis’s disaster to make good on this promise, as good as his continued impasse in a day-to-day using of a company, has combined doubt for everyone, undermining a success of a CEO search. Indeed, it has seemed during times as if a hunt was being manipulated to deter possibilities and emanate a energy opening in that Travis could return.

A series of people have asked because we took authorised movement before giving Travis a possibility to pointer these amendments. The fact is that we did give him that chance. Over a month ago we told him and other members of a house that we were prepared to review to lawsuit to force him to honour his commitments. We were asked to postpone any filing and positive that efforts would be done to get these changes done but a lawsuit.

We waited and waited, examination as things run-down even further. Eventually we felt that we could wait no longer and took action. It is a wish that this lawsuit will mangle a past, determined patterns of dysfunctional function — creation it probable to emanate a truly eccentric house and sinecure a truly good CEO.

Holder (Covington) Report: While many of we have not had a event to review a full “Holder Report” created by Tammy Albarrán and Eric Holder during Covington, Benchmark’s member on Uber’s house have. To report it as hard-hitting would be an understatement.

It’s because a house concluded to adopt Covington’s recommendations in full. That was good over dual months ago, and while Uber’s glorious executive care group is creation worthy swell on these changes, many of a many critical issues concluded to by a house sojourn unaddressed. These embody reformulating Uber’s informative values (something many employees have pronounced is essential to improving Uber’s culture), enabling a new “tone during a top,” and appointing an eccentric chairperson. We wish that a movement will assistance assist a doing of Tammy Albarrán and Eric Holder’s recommendations in full.

Chief Financial Officer: Talk to any good CEO and she or he will tell we that carrying a strong, business-friendly CFO is essential to any company’s success. Yet Uber has operated but one for over dual years now. This can't be justified, given a scale and complexity of a business, and is symptomatic of a broader problems with past government practices. We wish that a lawsuit will assistance assist a CFO search.

We know that a final 6 months have been impossibly tough for we all, and that this lawsuit might emanate some-more doubt short-term. We wish we know that a preference was encouraged by a low enterprise to do what is best for Uber, and for a thousands of employees operative so tough each day. Benchmark’s proceed is to be still and understated and to work behind a scenes.

We honour ourselves on being impossibly understanding of a many extraordinary founders we have been advantageous adequate to behind over a final 20+ years. But these are surprising resources that compulsory surprising action.

Finally, let us finish by reiterating what we pronounced during a beginning. We have extensive honour for what we have achieved. You are a truly extraordinary team. And we deeply trust that Uber’s best days are ahead.

– Benchmark

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