Report: Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a transgression in California

FILE 2017: California Governor Jerry Brown attends International Forum on Electric Vehicle Pilot Cities and Industrial Development in Beijing.


California’s governor, Jerry Brown, on Friday sealed a law that lowers a chastisement for exposing partners to HIV from a transgression to a misdemeanor, that includes those who present blood but informing a core about their HIV status.

“Today California took a vital step toward treating HIV as a open health issue, instead of treating people vital with HIV as criminals,” Sen. Scott Wiener, D.- San Francisco, told The Los Angeles Times.

Exposing a chairman to HIV was treated some-more severely underneath California law than infecting someone with any other catching disease, a process some lawmakers pronounced was a vestige of a decades-old AIDS shock that foul punishes HIV-positive people formed on old-fashioned science.

Under a aged law, if a chairman who knows they are putrescent with HIV has defenceless sex but revelation their partner they have a virus, they can be convicted of a transgression and face years of jail time. Intentional delivery of any other catching disease, even a potentially lethal condition like hepatitis, is a misdemeanor.

“These laws were upheld during a tallness of a HIV/AIDS widespread when there was huge fear and stupidity and misinformation around HIV,” Wiener earlie said. “It’s time for California to lead and to dissolution these laws to send a transparent vigilance that we are going to take a science-based proceed to HIV not a fear-based approach.”

Republican lawmaker, Sen Joel Anderson, reportedly voted opposite a bill.

“I’m of a mind that if we purposefully inflict another with a illness that alters their lifestyle a rest of their life, puts them on a regimen of drugs to say any kind of normalcy, it should be a felony,” Anderson said, according to a paper.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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