Report: Tony Romo skeleton to retire from football, go into broadcasting

Getty Images

Tony Romo’s NFL career is entrance to an end.

Romo has motionless to retire from a NFL and enter broadcasting, ESPN reports.

There have been widespread reports that Romo has remunerative offers to work in TV and could reinstate Phil Simms as a No. 1 researcher on CBS. Those offers have apparently led Romo to interpretation that it’s time for him to travel divided from personification and pierce into his subsequent career.

Romo spent final deteriorate on a dais after a preseason behind damage led to a graduation of Dak Prescott as a starting quarterback in Dallas. Although Romo had been widely noticed as a Cowboys’ authorization quarterback, Prescott’s superb rookie year finished Romo expendable.

The Cowboys would have favourite to trade Romo though found small interest, and a ESPN news says they will recover Romo today. Although there’s been speak of a Broncos or Texans wanting him, it appears that he’s finished personification football and will now promote football instead.

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