Richard Sherman trade talk, Tony Romo update, some-more NFC notes

Gregg Rosenthal recaps NFC news from a NFL’s Annual League Meeting, including nuggets forsaken during Wednesday’s NFC Coaches Breakfast.

Seahawks manager Pete Carroll reliable Wednesday that teams have inquired about trading for cornerback Richard Sherman. Based on Carroll’s comments, this is a story that is doubtful to go away.

“So we have always had to be open to each idea that comes along,” Carroll pronounced during a NFL Annual League Meeting in Phoenix, per The Seattle Times. “There have been some teams that have called, and so we have talked about it. But he is intensely critical to a football team. we don’t see anything function during all. we don’t see anything function with any of a players, usually a chaff that’s out there right now. But it has been talked about.”

“He is a good actor and he can impact a team. we can see since people would be meddlesome in him.”

Translation: We’re open for business.

Carroll is perplexing to have it both ways. If someone brought adult potentially trade for Russell Wilson or even Richard Sherman circa 2015, Carroll would impact a doorway shut. But these comments and identical noncommittal remarks by ubiquitous manager John Schneider infer that a Seahawks could perspective Sherman differently than they did a few years ago. Or a organisation wants to send a message.

“I know there have been some issues and stuff,” Carroll said, around The Times. “I’m concerned to see him hoop all and do unequivocally good and paint himself and his teammates in good fashion. … Richard went by a lot final year, and many of it self-inflicted.”

Carroll spoke during length about Sherman’s struggles a deteriorate ago, implying that a vigour of being a top-shelf luminary wore on him. Comments like those don’t manifest out of skinny air, and conjunction does a seductiveness in Sherman from other teams. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported a Patriots were one of a teams to scrutinise about Sherman, a review that took place before New England sealed Stephon Gilmore.

The Seahawks contingency have let Sherman’s accessibility be famous behind a scenes to enthuse that interest, and on Wednesday, Carroll didn’t bashful divided from it. The attribute between Carroll and Sherman had some open difficulties last season that might not be staid yet.

“I usually giggle it off, man,” Sherman told ESPN’s “First Take” when asked about a trade talk. “It’s humorous to me. But infrequently people need to see we left to comprehend what we had.”

While Sherman is expected to remain with a Seahawks in 2017, it wouldn’t be a warn to hear a few some-more trade whispers in a buildup to a draft. The Seahawks seem to acquire a interest, if a cost is right.

Here’s what else we schooled from a NFC as a Annual League Meeting wrapped adult …

The large names

1) The intensity trade of cornerback Malcolm Butler from New England to New Orleans is on hold, presumably for good. Sean Payton pronounced Wednesday that a Saints aren’t going to pointer Butler, a limited giveaway agent, to an offer sheet. New Orleans isn’t peaceful to give adult a No. 11 pick in a breeze for Butler.

A trade could still be worked out, though Patriots owners Robert Kraft’s hopeful statements this week about maintaining Butler could be a pointer of where this is headed. The deadline for signing an offer piece is Apr 21. When that day passes, Butler might breeze adult signing his one-year proposal with a Patriots for $3.91 million before gearing adult for giveaway organisation in 2018.

Payton also did his best to shoot down any interest in former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, indicating a organisation wasn’t anywhere tighten to wanting to pointer him.

2) The many revelation partial of Cowboys owners Jerry Jones’ comments on Tony Romo in Phoenix was that a dual organisation met recently and would be assembly again soon. If Romo is concerned about that teammates were on “Team Dak,” his worries don’t seem to extend to ownership.

The tighten attribute with Jones indicates that Romo is gentle with his stream stay in career purgatory. Perhaps Romo has nonetheless to truly dedicate to personification football during all, generally with broadcast offers available.

3) Speaking of clearly ungainly meetings with bosses, Pete Carroll pronounced he met with former Seahawks using behind Marshawn Lynch recently. Carroll suggested that Lynch, who retired after a 2015 season though has recently been related to a Raiders, is “somewhat entertaining” a lapse to football though hasn’t committed to anything yet. Lynch has not asked to be backed from a reserve/retired list, so any gibberish about a lapse to football stays premature.

4) Panthers manager Ron Rivera pronounced a organisation hasn’t deliberate bringing aboard former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, though Rivera knew adequate to contend that Kaepernick “has a large cost tag.” As is a box with a lot of stream giveaway agents, Kaepernick’s cost expected will need to come down before he finds a job.

Depth-chart nuggets

1) Dallas expects second-year linebacker Jaylon Smith to be behind entirely for all offseason activities after he missed his rookie deteriorate while rehabbing from a harmful knee damage suffered in college.

The Cowboys also finished it transparent they wish for third-year pro Chaz Green to take over a starting right tackle pursuit if Doug Free goes by with his devise to retire. And don’t expect Dallas to supplement another maestro quarterback with Kellen Moore in tow.

“All those comparison maestro guys, all they have ever finished is infer they can’t be a guy,” executive clamp boss Stephen Jones pronounced around a Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Kellen has never had a possibility to infer he shouldn’t be a guy.”

Shots fired, Matt Cassel and Brandon Weeden!

2) Expect a Cardinals to supplement a rookie quarterback somewhere in a draft.

“I saw what happened to Kenny (Whisenhunt) in that situation,” Arians said of a former Cardinals coach’s ultimately fatuous search for a new quarterback after Kurt Warner late in 2010. “And we don’t wish that to occur to a classification again.”

Arians pronounced that usually one quarterback in this breeze is prepared to start, though he wouldn’t contend whom. Arians stressed this is a good breeze if we are looking for gifted quarterbacks to rise behind an determined starter like Carson Palmer, who is 37 and about to start his 15th season.

3) The Cardinals’ once-loaded receiver organisation has some-more questions than common this season, and they are anticipating to find an answer with a former using back. The organisation re-signed Andre Ellington with a idea of creation him a far-reaching receiver. Ellington started 12 games during using behind in 2014 though has given been supplanted by David Johnson. In 4 pro seasons, Ellington has 112 career catches for 999 yards and 3 scores.

4) Pete Carroll suggested he designed to use Jaguars import Luke Joeckel during left tackle, that shouldn’t be a outrageous surprise, deliberation how many a unsatisfactory No. 2 altogether collect cost to pointer — reportedly $7 million guaranteed for one year.

And finally … dual Ben McAdoo quotes

Welcome to Geno Smith Nation, Ben McAdoo. It’s not always a renouned place to be, though a law will set we free.

“To me, Geno — we demeanour during it, we investigate a guys entrance out, we investigate Geno — we consider he’s right in a brew as one of a improved players accessible this year,” a New York Giants manager told internal reporters this week.

Geno Smith anticipating success with a Giants would be a ultimate poke in a eye for Jets fans. we know McAdoo meant what he said, since McAdoo is a many dead-serious conduct manager in football each time he meets with a media.

Consider his comments on players wanting to keep their concentration in a arise of final season’s boating adventure.

“If we chase dual rabbits, both will escape,” McAdoo said, around a New York Daily News. “When players are in a building, they contend approbation to football. When they are not in a building, we need to do a improved pursuit of observant no to some other things, creation certain all we are doing is aligned with a goal. Now, I’m not observant we can’t be tellurian beings. That’s a partial of things, we guess. We need to be focused on a football. When we leave a building, we need to contend no to some things.”

My favorite partial of that quote: Now I’m not observant we can’t be tellurian beings. That’s a partial of things, we guess.

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