Rockets design Thunder adjustments in Game 2

HOUSTON — Nothing about a palliate with that a Rockets won Game 1 on Sunday night nor a character of play that commanded their feat has Houston resting on a laurels in allege of a second exam opposite a Oklahoma City Thunder.

With Game 2 set for Wednesday night during Toyota Center, a Rockets are not usually awaiting a some-more heated and dedicated bid from a Thunder, though they also are expecting a array of adjustments to forestall a outcome that enabled Houston to squeeze a 1-0 array lead in a Western Conference first-round playoff series.

In rolling to a 118-87 win, a Rockets found plenty space to work and measure during a rim, producing 62 points in a paint and 31 second-chance points opposite a bigger, brawnier Oklahoma City brazen line.

The Thunder pulpy Rockets shooters on a perimeter, tying Houston to 10-of-33 sharpened on 3-pointers. The downside to a execution of that plan was a layup line for Houston.

“That’s all a offense is about: review what a invulnerability gives us and only take it,” pronounced Rockets ensure James Harden, who shook off an 0-of-6 start on 3-point attempts to measure a game-high 37 points. “Last diversion they did a unequivocally good pursuit of holding divided a threes, so we attempted to get into a paint, conflict and get layups. We only take what they give us.

“If they change it, we’ve got to opposite what they do. We’ll figure it out once a diversion starts.”

Harden converted 9 of 12 shots during a rim, regularly victimizing a Thunder off a leap following defensive switches on a perimeter. Oklahoma City saw vivid examples of indecisiveness during film investigate and vowed to order change.

“Looking during video, it was really down to positioning and removing those reads on when to go,” Thunder core Steven Adams said. “You can’t be beforehand about it, differently they do what they do. We privileged it adult a lot more, bigs and guards. We’ve got to make certain we come out some-more aggressive, assertive and physicality. Forcing them to do things rather than vouchsafing them do stuff.”

That relates for a Thunder on offense, too. MVP front-runner Russell Westbrook shot only 6 of 23 from a building and committed 9 turnovers as Oklahoma City sputtered on offense in a second half. As expected, a Rockets threw several bodies during Westbrook, with ensure Patrick Beverley heading that charge.

Westbrook wasn’t too penetrating on complimenting a Rockets’ defensive vitality in a issue of film investigate from a Game 1 carnage.

“I don’t watch a other team, we only watch what I’m doing,” Westbrook said. “I never worry about what other guys are doing. It doesn’t worry me; I’ve seen it all already, and it doesn’t worry (me).”

Rockets manager Mike D’Antoni is stressing to his group that Sunday doesn’t matter. Nor do a formula from a unchanging deteriorate in that a Rockets degraded a Thunder 3 times in 4 meetings. Houston will lift a four-game array winning strain into Wednesday, a strain that means changed little.

“The problem is we don’t get a conduct start. It’s going to be 0-0,” D’Antoni said. “I’m not disturbed about what we’ve finished in a past. We’ve got to do something (in Game 2).”

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