Russell Westbrook clinches triple-double normal with ancestral assist

It was transparent before this deteriorate that Oklahoma City Thunder luminary Russell Westbrook was going to put adult some implausible stats. With Kevin Durant left to a Golden State Warriors and no other star-level talent on a roster, Westbrook would have giveaway rein to browbeat a OKC offense. We had seen him pursue large numbers with his maximalist character before, nonetheless this deteriorate would be something really different.

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Even then, though, it seemed fantastic that Westbrook could means that ball-dominance prolonged adequate to join a mythological Oscar Robertson in 1961-62 as a usually players to normal a triple-double over a full season. He valid those doubters wrong over a past few months, and now Westbrook has done it central by notching his 820th support of a 2016-17 deteriorate on Friday night.

The ancestral support occurred with 10:36 remaining in a third quarter of OKC’s highway diversion during a Phoenix Suns when he found Victor Oladipo for a lay-up. After dishing out only 3 assists in a initial half, Westbrook reeled off 3 assists really fast in a third entertain to strech a ancestral mark.

Westbrook came into a night with 2,480 points (a league-leading 31.8 per game), 831 rebounds (10.7 per game), and 814 assists (10.4 per game) on a season. He has not nonetheless missed a diversion this year, and sitting out only one of a Thunder’s final 3 games after Friday would have clinched a triple-double normal for a season. However, Westbrook can now play as most as he wants yet putting that record into jeopardy.

He seemed focused on removing those required 6 assists out of a approach early on Friday, maybe to his detriment. Westbrook forced some passes in a initial entertain and committed 5 turnovers in his initial 10 mins of play. He also missed his opening 11 shots from a floor.

Westbrook had a possibility to mangle Oscar Robertson’s record for triple-doubles in a deteriorate in a fourth quarter, nonetheless his office fell short. That’s not to contend he didn’t try. After holding copiousness of shots to try to get OKC behind into a diversion and failing, Westbrook altered his plan late and began to hunt assists with small courtesy for sound basketball plays. The Suns held on sincerely quickly, though, and began to tainted Thunder players with a round and even intentionally fouled Westbrook with 2:34 remaining to stop him from passing. He done both giveaway throws out of a timeout and afterwards fouled Devin Booker himself before to streamer to a dais in defeat. He finished a night with 23 points (6-of-25 FG), 12 rebounds, 8 assists, and 8 turnovers in a 120-99 loss. Meanwhile, a Suns felt what it’s like to be on a other side of a shameless try to strech a milestone.

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Nevertheless, Friday was still a ancestral day for Westbrook. Reaching the triple-double average became a small ritual over a final month, nonetheless it’s still critical to simulate on what he has accomplished. While there were questions per his ability to keep adult a gait early in a season, Westbrook never slowed down with a triple-doubles and recently ran off a strain of 7 true (tied for second-longest in NBA history). It’s a symbol of Westbrook’s absurd deteriorate that a diversion that finished that strain featured one of his best performances — 45 points, 10 assists, 9 rebounds, and several implausible plays in break time to get a Thunder a win during a Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday.

With his triple-double normal secured, Westbrook can now pierce on to violation Robertson’s record of 41 triple-doubles in a 1961-62 season. He matched that symbol on Tuesday opposite a Milwaukee Bucks. Unfortunately for Russ, Robertson’s miscarry and support averages in that deteriorate (12.5 and 11.4, respectively) are good out of strech with so few games left to play.

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