Russell Westbrook on Zaza Pachulia’s foul: ‘I don’t play that game’

6:34 AM ET

OAKLAND, Calif. — Russell Westbrook pronounced he is going to “get his donkey back,” with courtesy to Zaza Pachulia‘s tough tainted in a second entertain of a Golden State Warriors’ 121-100 win over a Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday.

“He strike me kind of hard,” Westbrook said. “But it’s all right. I’m gonna get his donkey back. Straight up.”

With time ticking down before a half, Pachulia knocked Westbrook down, appearing to pull a round into Westbrook’s face. Westbrook remained on a building holding his face. Pachulia was handed a extreme tainted 1 for a play, following a examination by a officials.

But what dissapoint Westbrook was Pachulia’s greeting to a foul. The Warriors large male took a integrate of stairs to mount over Westbrook when a Thunder indicate ensure was on a floor.

“No, we didn’t see that until only now, though we don’t play that game,” a clearly vibrated Westbrook said. “I’m gonna get his donkey back. Whenever that is, we don’t know what it’s going to be, though we don’t play that game.”

The Warriors revisit a Thunder on Feb. 11.

“I suspicion it was a good steal, honestly, since we had a round in my hands,” Pachulia said. “Officials called a foul; there’s zero we can do. A tainted is a foul. If it was a tough foul, it was a tough foul. There is zero we can do. So we only pierce on. If he got hurt, that’s excellent too. It’s partial of a game.”

Pachulia pronounced he is not endangered with Westbrook’s comments, instead focusing on what a Warriors have in front of them.

“We’re meditative about this group and staying healthy relocating brazen and, better, removing into a playoffs and personification for a championship. That’s what I’m meditative about,” Pachulia said. “I’m not meditative about these kind of comments. That group is not there, so they competence be meditative about other stuff, like removing back. So, we know, OK, we can get me back.

“But this is my 14th year. We all know what my diversion is, to play hard. Not dirty, though play hard. If it was a tough foul, it was a foul. It wasn’t unwashed during all, so I’m not disturbed about this.”

Though there was no retaliation, possibly in a evident issue or after in a game, Westbrook’s teammates took difference to a tainted and to Pachulia’s reaction.

“He had no reason to do that,” pronounced Thunder sharpened ensure Victor Oladipo. “I don’t know what his indicate was. we don’t know what he was perplexing to prove. But we gamble he doesn’t do it again.”

The Thunder have a story with a Warriors — over Kevin Durant personification for both teams — including Golden State’s Draymond Green kicking Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams mixed times in a groin during final season’s Western Conference finals.

“They get divided with a lot of stuff, though it is what it is, man. That’s a diversion of basketball,” Oladipo said. “We’re going to be prepared for them subsequent time.”

Westbrook finished with 27 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists to register his 21st triple-double of a season. With a loss, a Thunder are now 16-5 in games that Westbrook annals a triple-double.

ESPN’s Chris Haynes and Ramona Shelburne contributed to this report.

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