Russia accuses US of wrong Syria raid as Tillerson visits

MOSCOW — Russia’s tip diplomat indicted a United States on Wednesday of carrying out an wrong conflict opposite Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army as he non-stop a diligent assembly with visiting U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Giving Tillerson a cold reception, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pronounced Russia was perplexing to know a “real intentions” of a Trump administration. He pronounced Moscow has lots of questions about a “very ambiguous” and “contradictory” ideas emanating from Washington.

“We have seen really shocking actions recently with an wrong conflict opposite Syria,” Lavrov said, referring to a journey missiles President Donald Trump systematic to retaliate Assad for regulating chemical weapons. “We cruise it of pinnacle significance to forestall a risks of replay of identical movement in a future.”

It was an meaningful start to Tillerson’s revisit — a initial to Russia by a Trump Cabinet official. Tillerson conceded a dual universe powers had “sharp differences” that have blocked team-work though uttered confidence that their talks could slight those differences

“We both have concluded a lines of communication shall always sojourn open,” Tillerson said.

The tangible tragedy unresolved over Tillerson’s outing spoke to a widening chasm between a former Cold War foes.

Only weeks ago, it seemed that Trump, who expensively praised Putin via a campaign, was staid for a potentially ancestral truce with Russia. But any expectations of an easy rapport have crashed into existence as a dual countries trade sharpening accusations over what happened final week in rebel-held domain in northern Syria.

As their envoys collected in Moscow, President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were voicing protests of their own.

“Frankly, Putin is subsidy a chairman that’s truly an immorality person,” Trump told a Fox Business Network, referring to Assad. “I consider it’s really bad for Russia. we consider it’s really bad for mankind.”

Of Assad, Trump added: “This is an animal.”

And Putin, who U.S. comprehension agencies contend attempted to assistance Trump get elected, insisted that family with a U.S. had usually left downhill given Trump took bureau in January.

“The turn of trust during a operative level, generally during a troops level, has not turn improved though many expected has degraded,” Putin pronounced in an talk promote Wednesday by state radio channel Mir.

It was misleading either Putin, who once gave Tillerson an “Order of Friendship” award, would extend a visiting American an audience. Though a Kremlin had declined to contend either a leaders would meet, Putin orator Dmitry Peskov pronounced Wednesday: “There is a certain likelihood.”

Moscow has heartily objected to Trump’s preference to launch 59 U.S. Tomahawk missiles during a Syrian atmosphere bottom that a U.S. says was used to lambaste civilians with haughtiness gas, murdering some-more than 80 people. Russia, Assad’s staunchest ally, has insisted that Assad is unassailable and that it was indeed a rebels obliged for a disbursed chemical weapons.

Intelligence services from several Western countries brawl that claim. The health apportion in Turkey, that treated many of a attack’s victims and conducted autopsies on others, pronounced Tuesday that exam formula conducted on victims reliable sarin gas was used.

Adding serve fuel to rising tensions: a White House’s pierce to disseminate declassified U.S. comprehension accusing Moscow of helping Assad’s supervision in covering adult a chemical attack. The U.S. also indicted Russia of ascent a disinformation debate directed during exonerating Assad.

Tillerson, on a goal to convince Russia to desert Assad, released an final to Putin before drifting to Moscow: Either side with a U.S. and likeminded countries, or with Assad, Iran and a belligerent organisation Hezbollah.

But Russia done transparent it had no goal to acquiesce. Putin fast invited a Syrian and Iranian unfamiliar ministers to Moscow on Friday, a day after Tillerson departs.

“Our process is unchanging and it’s formulated exclusively on a basement of general law and not underneath a impact of stream opportunistic motives or fake choice: ‘You are with us or opposite us,’” Lavrov told Tillerson.

The Trump administration’s flourishing eagerness to confront Russia directly is portion another purpose: defanging a notice of coziness between Trump and Moscow. As a FBI and mixed congressional committees examine intensity collusion between Russia and Trump’s debate in final year’s U.S. election, Trump can indicate to his tough position as uninformed justification that he’s distant from gratified to a Russian leader.

Subtly derisive his guest, Lavrov pronounced their talks were generally critical since “not all pivotal positions in a State Department have been filled yet.” He was referring to widespread vacancies via a tip State Department care that has fueled a notice in a U.S. that Tillerson and his group are being sidelined by Trump.

“It’s not easy to get clarifications on a stream as good as impending issues since of that,” Lavrov said.


Associated Press writers Vladimir Isachenkov, Nataliya Vasilyeva and Jim Heintz contributed to this report.


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