Saints vs. Falcons 2017 live results: Score updates and highlights from ‘Thursday Night Football’

The New Orleans Saints non-stop adult a autocratic lead in a NFC South and demeanour to continue their clever run when they face a Atlanta Falcons in a local matchup on Thursday night. The diversion kicks during 8:25 p.m. ET on NBC and NFL Network (live streams during NBC Sports, Amazon Prime, and FuboTV).

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The Saints are entrance off a 31-21 win over a Carolina Panthers, relocating to 9-3 and completing a deteriorate brush of Carolina (8-4). That gives them a essential head-to-head tiebreaker in a parsimonious multiplication race, so they radically have a two-game lead during a moment.

A widespread run diversion is one of a biggest reasons for a Saints’ turnaround after 3 true 7-9 seasons. Alvin Kamara has been a explanation as a rookie, a game-breaking force in both a run and pass. He has 1,220 sum yards and 11 touchdowns on a season, unequivocally entrance into his possess after a Saints traded divided Adrian Peterson. Mark Ingram has been no slump himself, racking adult 1,177 sum yards.

Together, Ingram and Kamara form presumably a many fatal using behind twin in a league. Their presentation has finished a lot to assistance Drew Brees, whose arm strength is noticeably disappearing during age 38.

Brees is still carrying a good deteriorate with 3,298 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 8.1 yards per attempt. But he no longer has to lift a whole bucket on offense, that has led to a many some-more balanced, multi-faceted conflict for Sean Payton to work with. The invulnerability has also been many softened and should advantage from a lapse of cornerback Marshon Lattimore, who’s been hobbled by an ankle damage in new weeks and was seen during use this week.

The Falcons seemed to be behind on lane after entering Week 13 on a three-game winning streak, though they fell prosaic in a 14-9 detriment to a Minnesota Vikings. That forsaken Atlanta to 7-5, that now leaves them out of a playoff spot. The Panthers and Seattle Seahawks (8-4) are both forward of a Falcons in a Wild Card picture, so Dan Quinn’s patrol is entering must-win domain down a stretch.

Due to a backloaded local schedule, these teams will play twice in 3 weeks, with a rematch entrance in Week 16. The Falcons’ playoff hopes are unexpected on a ropes only one year after going to a Super Bowl, so mix that coercion with a power of an NFC South hatred match, and this should be one of a improved Thursday games of a season.

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Alvin Kamara is so damn good during football, and it roughly hurts me. In all of my years on this Earth we have been a Falcons fan (not though pain, of course). So to see a child from here (shoutout Norcross) make NFL defenses shook on a weekly basement for a Saints creates me cringe.

But we’re going to applaud a immature man. Kamara was a third-round selection, and has been so critical to a team’s success that Sean Payton is second guessing himself — in a good way.

This is moulding adult to be an out-of-date shootout, with both teams possessing clever offenses. Atlanta binds a corner on defense, where they’ve been really good opposite a pass though have struggled opposite a run. New Orleans, meanwhile, has been unprotected during times—particularly on a ground—and could have a formidable time tying a Falcons flitting conflict with considerable rookie CB Marshon Lattimore potentially sidelined.

The subsequent time someone suggests that a Patriots, Eagles, or Jaguars have had to conflict a tough report to get to where they are—not that you’ll hear that suggested often—point out a debility of their groups and their schedules. The large battles are function in a NFC South, and has been a box so mostly of late, whoever emerges from this multiplication will have a genuine shot during representing a NFC in a Super Bowl.

Saints blog Canal Street Chronicles offers seven reasons to giggle during a Falcons.

Two franchises, fanbases, and even cities whose loathing for one another go behind generations. The Hatfields and McCoys of veteran football.

There are copiousness of reasons to hatred a Falcons. The classless and inhuman tellurian being Roddy White, a “Big Ben” play of 1978, a playoff detriment of 1991, their fans, Matt Ryan. Every Saints fan knows of these, and positively we have your possess list. we contend let’s stop a hate. There comes a time to only demeanour during who opposes you, and we comprehend that all they merit is to be laughed at.

If there is one thing that stands out about this team, it’s that they are carrying FUN. Whether it’s Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara doing corner interviews with Deion Sanders, Sean Payton crashing pronounced talk cheesing for a camera, or guys posing for a group design after a turnover – The 2017 New Orleans Saints are enjoying themselves to a fullest.

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