Samsung ‘Accidentally’ Confirms Galaxy Note 8 Is Massive

The Galaxy Note 8 is going to be massive. I’ve stressed this with exclusive renders and Samsung has even bragged about it. But with a launch date so close, Samsung has now left a step serve and ‘accidentally’ leaked this large smartphone on a possess website… 

Spotted by eagle eyed tech YouTuber Tim Schofield, Samsung published a Galaxy Note 8 on a US website usually to remove it shortly afterwards. we was means to determine a inventory before Samsung took it down and yes, it gave divided all a biggest hardware changes.

Ghostek and Gordon Kelly

Exclusive Galaxy Note 8 describe in partnership with Ghostek

Breaking these down, a apparent starting indicate is a design. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 inventory showed a association is indeed totally overhauling a hardware introducing a outrageous Infinity Display with new 18.5:9 aspect ratio, twin camera and a (still idiotically placed) back fingerprint sensor and frustratingly sealed Bixby button.

Samsung is also augmenting a Galaxy Note 8’s inner storage to 64GB (microSD remains), yet a aloft specced ‘Emperor Edition’ is doubtful to make it to a US. As is prevalent with Galaxy Note phones, a Samsung inventory also reliable there will be a stylus (something never in doubt).

Tim Schofield

Galaxy Note 8 listed on Samsung’s possess website

All of that means Samsung has little left to warn us with other than program and (hopefully) a final notation battery upgrade. Consequently all courtesy is expected to sojourn on a company’s core summary for a Galaxy Note 8: it’s size. Or as Samsung markets it “Do bigger things”.

This creates clarity given a Galaxy Note 8 will be almost bigger than even a Galaxy S8 Plus, as these proportional renders combined by my unchanging pattern partner Benjamin Geskin illustrate:

Benjamin Geskin

Galaxy S8 (left) Vs Galaxy S8 Plus Vs Galaxy Note 8 (right) proportional comparison

Geskin extrapolated this scale from Samsung’s possess promotional materials as it is repeating a same conformation selling it used for a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Those silhouettes were proportionally scold to one another so by requesting a same scale to a Galaxy Note 8 it reveals a whopper particularly incomparable than a teenager boost in shade distance (remember: it has to residence a stylus).

Of march a distance of a Galaxy Note 8 is not a usually large thing, it’s price tab is huge too. As such, while we think many users meddlesome in Samsung’s beast will welcome a incomparable arrangement (this is what done a Galaxy Note operation iconic after all), some might pull a line during a sell price.

Then again for users dynamic to live on a draining edge, they will have small choice. Apple’s equally large iPhone 8 cost increase suggests a wallet tortuous trend we won’t simply escape.


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