Samsung Explains Note 7 Battery Explosions, And Turns Crisis Into Opportunity

Samsung launched a Galaxy Note 7 to record preorders and sales in August, though a flushed start shortly incited sour. Samsung had to trigger a remember in Sep of a initial chronicle of a Note 7 due to inadequate batteries that overheated and exploded. By Oct it had to remember over 2 million inclination and pause a product. It’s estimated that a recall will cost Samsung $5.3 billion.

In a news expelled Sunday night, a association minute flaws in battery pattern and production that it believes caused a crisis.

Recalling a product is never easy, and agreeable earnings of some-more than 30 percent is intensely challenging. Samsung aggressively told a media a idea was a 100% recall. Less than 3 months later, a association has reached a 96 percent lapse rate globally.

Tim Baxter, CEO and boss of Samsung Electronics America, Inc., called it one of a initial digital recalls. The association sent content messages and emails to communicate the recall. Samsung also softened a volume and speed of returned units by operative with telecom carriers to emanate a program refurbish that would invalidate a Galaxy Note 7’s charging abilities, digest it invalid as a phone. Since a remember was a reserve issue, use providers concluded to liberate a refurbish to dimish device charging.  And when a Department of Transportation (DOT) criminialized a Note 7 on airplanes, teams of Samsung employees were sent to airports to assistance consumers and collect a phones.

DJ Koh, President Mobile Communications Business for Samsung Electronics, pronounced in an talk with attention analysts, “Technology creation is critical to Samsung, though a customer’s safety is some-more important. We wish to reinstate trust in a brand.” To recover trust, Samsung had to brand a base means of a issues with a Galaxy Note 7 and ask these training to destiny product designs. In a press discussion hold Sunday night in Korea, Samsung told a universe what actions it was holding to pill a conditions as it announced a central formula of a months-long review into what went wrong with a Galaxy Note 7.

Koh Dong-Jin, boss of Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business, speaks during a news discussion in Seoul on Sep 2, 2016. (KIM HONG-JI/AFP/Getty Images)

Samsung builds a exam lab to find  the base means of a Note 7’s issues

In a final 120 days, Samsung built a new exam lab. It staffed it with 700 researchers, 200,000 inclination and 30,000 batteries in an try to replicate a means of fires in a phones. It tested a whole device, including areas such as a purpose of connected and wireless charging as good as quick and normal charging. It also tested a H2O resistance, with and but a behind cover.

Samsung tested other device facilities such as a USB-C horse and Iris scanner. It evaluated a program and algorithms tied to wireless charging. It even evaluated how third celebration applications were impacting a phone. Additionally, it worked with 3 eccentric third celebration exam labs – UL, Exponent, and TUVRheinland – to consider issues opposite software, hardware, manufacturing, logistics and handling. The anticipating from Samsung tests and a eccentric labs suggested a same results.

Battery production issues led to smoking phones

What happened? In short, batteries from dual opposite manufacturers had flaws. The principal base means of a initial manufacturer’s battery problem (Battery A) was disastrous electrode deflections. The second manufacturer’s product (Battery B), suffered from aberrant ultrasonic welding burrs. (For some-more information on a flaws (see a infographic ) While a principal means was opposite in any form of a battery, a outcome was a same. A tiny subset of batteries could overheat and potentially locate fire. It’s transparent that a smartphone industry’s enterprise for ever thinner phones with longer battery life has stretched battery production processes.

Infographic Galaxy Note 7, what Samsung discovered. Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung creates battery advisory organisation and designs an 8-point battery reserve system

The association combined a battery advisory organisation that includes leaders from several universities and specialized consultants. Battery Advisory Group members include: Clare Grey, a highbrow of chemistry during a University of Cambridge; Gerbrand Ceder, a highbrow of Materials Science and Engineering during UC Berkeley; Yi Cui, a highbrow of Materials Science and Engineering during Stanford; and Toru Amazutsumi, CEO of Amaz Techno.

Going forward, Samsung has a new peculiarity declaration routine that both Samsung and a member manufacturers contingency follow. It has implemented a multi-layer reserve measures custom during a product formulation and a new 8-point battery reserve system. This complement includes:

  1. Durability Test – Conducting additional continuance tests, including battery nailing, highlight contrast with impassioned temperatures and overcharging tests.
  2. Visual Inspection – Visually checking a battery to review it with samples reliable to be in suitability with standardised criteria.
  3. X-Ray Test – Running X-ray tests to check any probable battery emanate such as a deflection of a electrode, that we found to be one of causes of a Note7 issue.
  4. Disassembling Test – Disassembling a battery dungeon to perform a minute check of a altogether quality, including a battery add-on welding and insulation fasten conditions, that we found to be an emanate with Note7.
  5. TVOC Test – Performing a intuiting exam to detect steam during a battery member and finish device levels.
  6. ΔOCV Test – Inspecting a battery condition by checking voltage change in a normal temperature.
  7. Charge and Discharge Test – Applying new large-scale assign and liberate tests to all devices, that we instituted with a review into a Note7 issues.
  8. Accelerated Usage Test – Engaging in 2 weeks of real-life consumer usability scenarios, that we were means to digest to a five-day exam period.

Samsung will also minister a learnings and processes for contrast Lithium Ion batteries to several tellurian standardization bodies. This act of goodwill also ensures that other smartphone vendors can ask a same inspections. If a specifications were Samsung-specific, battery manufacturers competence not belong to a checklist.

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