Samsung Galaxy S8 pre-orders tip prior S7 record by 30%

After a fallout from a sum remember of a poor Samsung Galaxy Note7, many observers disturbed that a company’s repute could be henceforth damaged, heading to a miss of certainty in destiny inclination and eventually to reduce sales. That appears not to be a case. In a statement, Samsung has proudly forked out that US pre-orders of a latest flagship Android phones, a Galaxy S8 and S8+, have surfaced their predecessors by a conspicuous 30%. Let a protocol self-back-patting commence.

Pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 corner final year had been heralded as a best ever for a Korean company, though a accepting of this year’s bezel-shedding phones seems to have been even better. In a statement, Tim Baxter, boss of Samsung Electronics America, pronounced a news was “humbling, energizing and points to a good launch week.”

Samsung has finished some critical PR work in a arise a Galaxy Note7 disaster, including using a full-page reparation advert in several newspapers and creation TV commercials that speak adult a “quality assurance” procedure. And while that might not be adequate for some, it seems a mainstream shopping open has been persuaded. That and a fact that Samsung does have two impressive new flagships on a hands, as we can review about in our new review.

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