Samsung Galaxy S8 starter guide: 8 tips for your new phone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 strike stores this past weekend, that means that a lot of people expected perceived their preorders or were means to collect one adult in a store. The S8 is one of a best phones we can buy, and simply a best of what’s been expelled in 2017 so far. If we did squeeze a new S8, here are some tips to get a many out of it.

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The initial thing we should do, after powering a phone on and transferring your information to it, of course, is to set adult all of a various biometric methods a S8 offers to clear a phone. The S8 has a normal fingerprint scanner, though as we expected know, it’s in an awfully untimely mark and isn’t a easiest to you. But Samsung does offer iris and face clear methods, and we should set adult all of them to see what works best for you. A mixed of fingerprint scanner and iris scanning has been a many effective for me.

Head to a Settings app, afterwards Lock Screen and Security to set them all up.

The S8 is a initial flagship phone from Samsung to use practical on-screen buttons, though their default pattern is a company’s normal sequence of Recents, Home, and Back. This can be treacherous if you’ve used any other Android phone or if we pronounce a denunciation that reads left to right, as a behind symbol is always in a wrong spot.

Fortunately, since these are not hard-coded earthy buttons, we can switch a sequence so that a behind symbol is on a left, home is in a middle, and new app switcher is on a right. You can find this choice in a Settings app underneath Display and Navigation Bar. While you’re there, we can also thesis a bottom bar into whatever tone strikes your fancy.

One of a nicer things in a S8’s module is a ability to make a edges of a shade light adult when a presentation comes in. In addition, a S8 trades a “windowshade” outcome of customary Android for a sharp pill-shaped burble that pop-ups when a new warning is received. But for some reason these facilities are infirm out of a box, so we have to puncture into a settings app to capacitate them.

Go to Settings, Display, and Edge Screen, afterwards toggle a Edge lighting underline to spin them on. You can daub by to capacitate a underline for all apps or only extent to a ones that we feel are estimable of it.

If we opted for a smaller, 5.8-inch Galaxy S8, we might have beheld that many of a on-screen elements, such as calm and buttons are comically vast out of a box. Fortunately, we can adjust a scaling of a arrangement so that those elements are smaller and we can see some-more information during one time. More content, reduction chrome, if we will.

The switch for this is underneath Settings, Display, Screen wizz and font. Slide a Screen Zoom slider to a left to get some-more of your shade genuine estate back.

The S8’s module interface is utterly nice, and most some-more appealing than Samsung’s comparison efforts have been. But if you’re not a fan of a white credentials of a presentation shade or complement apps, we can simply download a opposite thesis to totally change a look.

Go to Settings, Wallpapers and Themes to crop a several themes available. I’m a fan of Pixelize, that is a giveaway choice that gives a S8 a ambience of a Google Pixel tone palette of greys and blue.

While you’re bustling theming a interface, we can also change a approach a always-on arrangement underline looks. By default, it can arrangement a time, date, battery life, icons for new notifications, and a practical home button. But if we conduct to a themes section, we can download a accumulation of other options.

Most Always On Display options are found underneath Settings, Lock Screen and Security, though we can implement themes for it from a aforementioned Themes section, as well.

The S8 has full support for Samsung’s mobile payments platform, that can be used during some-more points of squeeze than Google’s possess Android Pay. To get started with it, open a Samsung Pay app in a app drawer and ensue to set adult your comment and supplement a upheld credit or withdraw card. You can also supplement faithfulness cards from a accumulation of sell stores. Samsung will even give we a garland of reward points in a possess rewards module for being one of a initial to buy a Galaxy S8 when we set adult Samsung Pay.

This isn’t so most a set adult tip as one for bland life, though it’s still useful. Since a Galaxy S8 lacks a earthy home button, holding a screenshot is a small opposite than on comparison Samsung phones and there are mixed ways to do it.

The easiest process is to press a energy symbol and volume down during a same time. Once a screenshot is captured, we can afterwards share, revise it, or constraint some-more of a shade immediately, that is useful if you’re perplexing to squeeze some-more than only what’s manifest on your phone during once.

The second approach is to capacitate a gesticulate that lets we appropriate a side of your palm opposite a shade to squeeze a screenshot. It’s a bit wonky, in my experience, and doesn’t seem to be any easier than only regulating a symbol method. But if we wish to try it, conduct to Settings, Advanced Features, and toggle on a Palm appropriate to constraint option.

The third approach to take a screenshot is to use a Smart Select Edge App that’s accessible by swiping in on a add-on that sits on a right side of a screen. From there, we can chose what area of a shade we wish (in possibly rectilinear or oval shapes) and even constraint a GIF from a personification video that can be immediately shared. This should be enabled by default, though we can go to Settings, Display, Edge Screen, Edge Panels to see all of a accessible options and configurations.

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