Seven Video Game Characters Who Would Make A Great Planetary Protection Officer

NASA’s coolest pursuit competence see a cavity shortly as a stream Planetary Protection Officer’s three-year appointment draws to a close.

To: Robert M. Lightfoot Jr, Acting Director, NASA

300 E Street, Washington D.C.

From: Planetary Protection Officer Recruitment Team

Subject: Finalists for PPO consideration

Dear Mr. Lightfoot,

As we know, a position for Planetary Protection Officer is now filled by Catharine Conley, who has hold this purpose given 2006.

As her stream three-year appointment draws to a tighten it stays capricious either or not Ms. Conley will reapply for a job.

Given a significance of this role—both in safeguarding a universe from intensity visitor threats and in safeguarding space from intensity human contaminants—we have already begun scouring a universe for intensity candidates.

Our months-long hunt has been narrowed down to 7 intensity field who we trust consequence a closer look.

Please inspect a following profiles and let us know that candidates we should try to move in for an interview.

As we know, a purpose of Planetary Protection Officer is essential to a reserve of this really planet, and while a purpose of NASA executive has left unoccupied given Jan 20th, we can't let such a relapse start for a world’s usually PPO.


The Recruitment Team

Here are 7 intensity possibilities for this role:

#7 – Fox McCloud (Star Fox)

Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud is an ace commander who, in a past, has capably led his squadron of fighters in dogfight after dogfight by harrowing missions opposite sinful visitor threats. Anyone who witnessed McCloud’s work fortifying Cornerria from a aggressive Andross will know usually how challenging that quarrel was.

Given his knowledge in space fight and leadership, we trust McCloud would make a top-notch Planetary Defense Officer.

Potential Drawbacks: McCloud is some-more of a doer than a planner. He’s some-more gentle in a cockpit than during a desk, and competence shirk some of his some-more ecclesiastic duties. We’re also capricious he’d take a pursuit seriously, or that other NASA employees would feel gentle operative with an manlike fox.

#6 – Jack Morrison

Credit: Blizzard

Soldier 76

Also famous as Soldier 76, Morrison is already a conduct of Overwatch, another heavenly invulnerability organization. Morrison is already familiar in safeguarding a universe from a enemies—though his knowledge leans toward Omnic threats rather than alien.

A maestro of large conflicts, Morrison has displayed both firmness and courage in his purpose as Overwatch arch and would make an glorious choice for Planetary Protection Officer.

Potential Drawbacks: Morrison’s not a immature male anymore. While we should positively equivocate accusations of ageism in stuffing this position, it competence be advisable to collect someone a small livelier for a job. We could also face some blow-back if we try to cook tip Overwatch employees.

#5 – Jade (Beyond Good Evil)

Jade from Beyond Good Evil

Jade’s categorical ability is reckoning things out, like sinful visitor plots. Her work opposite a disagreeable DomZ has some-more than prepared her for a purpose of Planetary Protection Officer. Tenaciously rescuing blank orphans and uncovering a hurtful supervision tract creates Jade not usually one of a many means possibilities on this list, though one of a many amiable and humane.

Potential Drawbacks: Jade competence be demure to even trust a supervision adequate to take a position like this, and it’s probable that her impasse during this turn of NASA would scatter a wrong feathers. We competence wish to run this past a Cigarette Smoking Man before move given his exchange with FBI representative Fox Mulder. (Never trust a fox!)

#4 – The Commander (XCOM)

This isn’t a Commander, though we indeed don’t have a print of a many fugitive candidate.

During a investigate we couldn’t find out a name or gender of a sly XCOM commander (T.C.) though he/she is a ideal claimant for Planetary Protection Officer for a series of reasons.

First of all, not usually does T.C. have tactical knowledge fending off visitor invasions, he/she also has hands-on knowledge casting off a border of an rough visitor universe government.

Not usually that, T.C. has exquisite government experience, sophistry not usually a moment-to-moment tactical decisions that go into any and each battle, though also last how to persevere resources to investigate and development, infrastructure and diplomacy.

Potential Drawbacks: While T.C. is a means manager, he/she doesn’t have scarcely as many tangible boots-on-the-ground experience, typically directing missions from afar. Also, good leaders are inspiring, and from what we can accumulate T.C. is indeed wholly abandoned of personality.

#3 – Master Chief (Halo)

Master Chief

Before he was labeled a hypocrite and wanted down like a dog for crimes he didn’t commit, Master Chief (aka John-117) was a biggest Space Marine a universe has ever known. He still is.

The Spartan-II supersoldier is both biochemically and cynbernetically enhanced, creation him a challenging combatant. He’s also unflinchingly loyal and doesn’t chop words, creation him an ideal co-worker. He also gets along flattering good with AI, that competence assistance with future-proofing.

In any case, while he hasn’t always been means to save a day, he’s always scored high in a perplexing department, and he’s left an considerable genocide fee in his wake, creation him a challenging competition should we be attacked.

Potential Drawbacks: Master Chief is a bit of a sole gun, and competence not be a many arguable candidate. He’s a bit ‘mavericky’ and while that’s mostly a peculiarity in a pursuit like this, it can just as simply be a liability. Think Jack Bauer. Perhaps a good fit given a stream administration, but I’m not certain we during NASA should value a same qualities.

#2 – Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)

Gordon Freeman

Freeman is a usually claimant on a list with a PhD from MIT in fanciful physics. That alone creates him an impossibly manly choice for Planetary Protection Officer and a good fit for NASA.

His other achievements are usually as impressive, if not some-more so. His knowledge during Black Mesa, a universe of Xen, and combating a Combine after earth was dismissed all advise he’s familiar in a job’s many elemental responsibilities.

Potential Drawbacks: We have it on good management that Freeman has received several tantalizing offers for his services already. Thornier still, Freeman has all though dead and it seems increasingly doubtful that he’ll ever reappear. Inquiries into his locale have left unanswered. (Another candidate, Jim Raynor, has likewise disappeared.)

#1 – Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)

Commander Shepard

There competence be no other claimant on this list as entirely well-qualified to offer as Planetary Protection Officer as Commander Shepard. She not usually has years of care knowledge both in fight and aboard space vessels, she’s already obvious among several visitor races and commands a honour of all though a many disagreeable supernatural beings.

Even when she’s acting more like a radical than a paragon, Shepard is an impossibly means commander and fiercely constant to her duties and responsibilities to friends and subordinates. Her knowledge in a N7 module should also be taken into consideration.

Potential Drawbacks: We can’t be certain of this, though during a investigate of intensity possibilities we’ve been led to trust that Shepard’s reign as PPO competence not finish well. Call it a hunch.

Recommendations and Conclusion

We’ve systematic this list—based on large hours of research—from slightest to many competent candidates, holding into comment all from care qualities to trustworthiness to fight experience. Where one claimant competence be singly competent in combat, another competence have glorious managerial skills. while a third has a knack for tact and knowledge traffic with visitor entities.

Ultimately, notwithstanding some deceptive misgivings, we titillate NASA to designate Shepard to a purpose of Planetary Protection Officer. Given that a pursuit is as many about safeguarding aliens from earth as it is safeguarding earth from aliens, we trust that Shepard’s knowledge among other visitor lifeforms—including, though not singular to Turians, Salarians and Asari—gives a Commander a leg adult over other candidates.

While other candidates, like Mr. Freeman, positively make for a constrained choice, indeed tracking some of these field down competence infer impotent and not value a time, expense, or a hastily of hopes.

We energetically wait your decision.

(Note: Planetary Protection Officer is a genuine pursuit and it sounds very cool.)

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