Shannon Sharpe: David Griffin’s exit means LeBron James is withdrawal a Cavs in 2018

“Let’s be real, Skip. We’ve seen people be married, they get a divorce, and they get re-married again. That doesn’t routinely work, since afterwards we start to comprehend because a ruin we got divorced in a initial place.

“LeBron is entrance to a fulfilment ‘there’s a reason we walked divided from you, Dan Gilbert, and we done it transparent clear this time around because I’m going to do it again.’

… we always suspicion there was dual guys on that group that were untouchable: LeBron and Kyrie Irving. David Griffin, being reported, David Griffin pronounced ‘yes, LeBron and Kyrie are untouchable.’ Now, they competence be potentially fielding offers for Kyrie. LeBron competence strike them with a deuces in 2017.”

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