Shia LaBeouf Arrested in Georgia for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness

Shia LaBeouf has been arrested — again.

The 31-year-old Transformers actor was taken into military control in Savannah, Georgia early Saturday morning and requisitioned for disorderly conduct, deterrent and open drunkenness, according to engagement records. His bond was set during $7,000. LaBeouf’s repute did not respond to a ask for comment.

He posted bond and was expelled from Chatham County Detention Center where he was being held, an central reliable to PEOPLE.

According to a Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police, a detain took place after LaBeouf allegedly became “disorderly” after he asked a bystander for a cigarette.

“When LaBeouf wasn’t given a cigarette, he became disorderly, regulating profanities and coarse denunciation in front of a women and children present,” military pronounced in a statement. “He was told to leave a area and refused, apropos assertive toward a officer.

“When a officer attempted to place LaBeouf underneath arrest, LaBeouf ran to a circuitously hotel,” military said. “LaBeouf was arrested in a hotel lobby, where his unfinished function continued.”

LaBeouf is now in Savannah filming The Peanut Butter Falcon.

This isn’t a initial brush with a law a former Disney star has had involving alcohol.

In 2014, he was taken out of New York City’s Studio 54 theater, after causing a intrusion during a opening of a Broadway reconstruction of CabaretLaBeouf was charged during a time with one count of rapist trespassing and dual depends of unfinished conduct. He later pleaded guilty, telling Jimmy Kimmel that he had dipsomaniac too most whiskey before a performance.

LaBeouf was also arrested (though not charged) in 2007 during in Chicago, after being told regularly to leave a Walgreens since he seemed intoxicated. “I got flattering squandered in Chicago and wound adult celebrating in Walgreens,” the actor told David Letterman of a incident, adding that he had left to a drug store to get blemish cream and after cigarettes and wound adult butting heads with a confidence ensure because, in his doubtful state, he suspicion a officer was shouting during him. “My proof was off, to contend a least.”

There were also arrests in 2008 in West Hollywood (for drunk driving, yet charges were eventually dropped) and one in Jan outward his art installation during a Museum of a Moving Image in Queens — where he allegedly pounded a 25-year-old male during a protest against President Donald Trump.

Following LaBeouf’s detain in 2014, his repute told PEOPLE a actor was “voluntarily receiving diagnosis for ethanol addiction.”

“He understands that these new actions are a sign of a incomparable health problem and he has taken a initial of many required stairs towards recovery,” LaBeouf’s repute pronounced in a statement.

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