Soccer-United opening win "means nothing" nonetheless says Mourinho

MANCHESTER, England, Aug 13 (Reuters) – The opening weekend of a Premier League deteriorate finished with an fatiguing win as Manchester United kick West Ham United 4-0 during Old Trafford on Sunday yet manager Jose Mourinho was heedful of fuelling speak of his group as pretension contenders.

With new striker Romelu Lukaku scoring twice and another close-season signing, midfielder Nemanja Matic, creation a winning debut, a win seemed to give faith to United’s fixation with many bookmakers as second favourites, behind neighbours Manchester City.

Mourinho played it all down, however, saying: “Last deteriorate we were also tip of a joining in a initial compare and we finished sixth so this means nothing.

“It only means we played good and certainty levels will be high and now a plea is to keep these certainty levels,” combined a former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss, who is starting his second deteriorate during Old Trafford.

“We finished a deteriorate winning a Europa League and subordinate for a Champions League. We start a second deteriorate with a unequivocally good opening during home. We had many players on a representation with a unequivocally good game. The fans have reasons to be optimistic.

“But for me, with years and years of knowledge in a Premier League, my feet are on a belligerent and we am calm,” he said.

United have not been in pretension row given a retirement of Alex Ferguson with a Premier League prize in his hands in 2013.

There have, though, been fake dawns.

In Mourinho’s initial diversion final season, they won 3-1 during Bournemouth, call present speak of a new epoch after a unsatisfactory Louis outpost Gaal power yet coherence did not follow and United finished sixth.

Four years ago, in David Moyes’s initial compare in charge, they won 4-1 during Swansea yet their manager did not tarry a deteriorate as United finished seventh.

Mourinho’s opinion is therefore correct and with 37 games of a deteriorate to come — along with a Champions League debate — he knows there will be moments of doubt and questioning.

Still, there is an atmosphere of certainty around Old Trafford and not though reason.

“Many times final deteriorate we deserved to win and didn’t so a fact we won a compare was a many critical thing,” he said, referring to a 10 home draws final term.

“But we consider a opening formed on a certainty levels was unequivocally high. we am not going to contend a opening was ideal since it was not. We done a mistakes and have room for alleviation yet it was a plain performance.

“I favourite a opinion in a second half to try and measure some-more goals. After 2-0 we had a duration of decrease and they combined a integrate of situations in a box yet again (we showed) good certainty levels and enterprise to play until a end,” he said.

Perhaps unwavering of critique of his tactical proceed as negative, Mourinho could not conflict observant a approach his group had finished a diversion with dual late goals.

“The existence is that in a final partial of a game, instead of being tedious and determining a game, we scored a third idea and we could suffer it.” (Editing by Clare Fallon)

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