Sources: Cause of Steve Kerr’s illness unknown, lapse not nonetheless set

4:37 AM ET

PORTLAND, Ore. — A calendar for a dais lapse of Steve Kerr remained different Saturday night after a Golden State Warriors available a come-from-behind playoff feat though their bum coach.

The Warriors announced Saturday afternoon that Kerr would be forced to skip Game 3 of Golden State’s first-round array with a Trail Blazers due to illness, with lead partner Mike Brown holding his place.

But specific sum about Kerr’s condition were wanting on Saturday, with joining sources attributing that to a fact that a specific means of a illness ‎is not nonetheless known.

Warriors overcome 17-point necessity to win Game 3 in Portland

The Warriors got outrageous games off a dais from Andre Iguodala and JaVale McGee to quip from a outrageous necessity in Portland and take a 3-0 array lead.

The Warriors, sources said, have nonetheless to establish either Kerr’s symptoms are associated to a headaches, revulsion and other complications he has endured for most of a past dual seasons given a behind medicine in Jul 2015 caused a well-chronicled liquid trickle in his spine.

Sources told that Kerr felt good adequate Saturday morning to residence a team, yet he did not attend a Warriors’ pregame shootaround.

But sources pronounced he also indispensable to have his fluids replenished Saturday before staying behind during a group hotel while a Warriors — after descending behind by 17 points — rallied to a 119-113 delight over a Blazers to seize a 3-0 array lead, notwithstanding a deficiency of harmed All-Star brazen Kevin Durant (calf) for a second true game.

Brown, coaching his initial playoff diversion given 2012 when he was conduct manager of a Los Angeles Lakers, is scheduled to mount in for Kerr in vocalization to media members covering a array on Sunday in allege of Monday night’s Game 4 in Portland.

‎Sources pronounced Kerr had been feeling ill all week. Late in Wednesday night’s Game 2 feat over a Trail Blazers during home, Kerr seemed to give a glance of a annoy he has been coping with by stealing his fit coupler to finish out a game. Ties are not imperative for NBA coaches, though competition coats or fit jackets are.

After scoring Golden State’s final 9 points in Saturday’s win, Warriors All-Star ensure Stephen Curry told ESPN’s J.A. Adande that he grabbed a diversion round following a final buzzer to benefaction to Kerr.

“‎Our manager is going by a lot right now, physically,” Curry told Adande. “He told us this morning this is a conditions where we need to convene and go out and win a diversion for him. But we felt that a approach a diversion had gone, we had to quarrel and do it for him … and a approach that he pronounced it was that we had to win one for a Gipper. So, scream out to Coach Kerr.‎”

Sources after told ESPN that Kerr, in his morning residence to his players, indeed told his players not to make a diversion about him or convene around his condition, though Curry was clearly changed after a win to compensate reverence to his coach.

In successive comments during a postgame podium, Curry said: “He’s apparently going by a lot physically, and that’s initial and inaugural for him to take caring of himself, make certain he’s on a highway to liberation and feeling like himself.”

“We’ve got his back,” Curry continued. “We’ve had certain situations all year [and] prior years where players are down and you’ve got a ‘next male up’ philosophy. Same with Coach Kerr. He’s finished a good pursuit of implementing a truth and a plan and an temperament of how we play Warrior basketball. And even in his absence, we wish to kind of live adult to that.

“Coach Brown did a good pursuit of stepping in — [and] a whole coaching staff — and that’ll have to continue until he’s back. But us as players, we have an event to keep fighting, keep personification and keep pulling to a goal.”

Kerr was forced to lay out a initial 43 games of a Warriors’ pretension invulnerability in 2015-16 due to complications caused by a behind medicine months earlier. But he done it by all 82 games this season, blank usually one morning shootaround along a approach until Saturday.

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