Sources: Chargers set to announce pierce to LA

10:19 PM ET

Almost one year to a day that a Rams changed to Los Angeles, a San Diego Chargers now expected are formulation to do a same.

The Chargers devise to announce as early as Thursday that they are relocating to Los Angeles, finale a 55-year army with San Diego and returning to their birthplace, joining sources said.

The Chargers played their initial deteriorate in Los Angeles in 1960 before relocating to San Diego in 1961.

The Chargers have told NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and other joining owners, of their vigilant to pierce to Los Angeles for a 2017 season, sources said.

But as one joining source cautioned Wednesday night, Chargers authority Dean Spanos had nonetheless to send a grave relocation minute to a NFL, nonetheless to forewarn open officials in Los Angeles or San Diego of a team’s move, or even tell a members of a San Diego classification about his plans. The source insisted zero is final.

But unless Spanos suddenly changes his mind during a final impulse — and there positively have been adequate tract twists in this San Diego track tale — a Chargers will be relocating to Los Angeles.

This is pronounced to have been an intensely formidable preference for Spanos to reach, sources said. While a economics of a preference have been clear, Spanos’ faithfulness and tie to San Diego have countered it. But in a end, Spanos’ efforts to find a new track are now in their 16th year, with no resolution in sight. This stand-off is occurring during a time when a Rams are apropos some-more determined in a Los Angeles market. Spanos is pronounced to trust he needs to start fighting for a Los Angeles marketplace as shortly as possible.

As of Wednesday night, a Chargers’ vigilant was to turn a second group in reduction than a year to pierce to Los Angeles, giving a city dual NFL teams after it went some-more than dual decades but carrying one.

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