SpaceX only landed a 12th Falcon 9 rocket of 2017

Update Oct 11th, 7:04PM ET: The initial theatre of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that was used currently successfully done it to space and back. Shortly after liftoff, a rocket upholder landed on one of SpaceX’s worker ships in a ocean, off a seashore of Cape Canaveral, Florida. It outlines a 12th time SpaceX has successfully landed a initial theatre of a Falcon 9 rocket this year, a 18th overall, and a second this week. It was also a third time that a association has successfully launched and landed a rocket that had already flown.

Original story: It’s turn dual for SpaceX this week: a association is launching a second Falcon 9 rocket in 3 days, this time from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The car for this goal has flown before: once behind in February, when it lofted load to a International Space Station and afterwards landed during SpaceX’s ground-based Landing Zone 1. Now, a car has been prepped for moody again, and will try another landing, targeting one of a company’s worker ships in a Atlantic.

It’s a third time SpaceX has used one of a landed boosters for a second moody — and if it sticks a alighting again, it’ll also be a third to have come safely behind to Earth for a second time. The initial reused Falcon 9 flew in March, with a second one following tighten behind in June. It’s probable we’ll see some-more used rockets fly before a year is out: progressing this year, Musk pronounced a association could fly as many as 6 used boosters in 2017. Eventually, SpaceX hopes to refly a Falcon 9s most some-more frequently, by creation a landed upholder prepared to fly again in only 24 hours.

Going adult on this moody is a hybrid satellite that will be used by dual companies, SES and EchoStar. Called EchoStar 105/SES-11, a satellite will lay in a high circuit 22,000 miles above Earth, providing high-definition broadcasts to a US and other tools of North America. While this is a initial time EchoStar is drifting a cargo on a used Falcon 9, this is informed domain for SES. The company’s SES-10 satellite went adult on a initial “re-flight” in March. And SES has done it really transparent that it is fervent to fly a satellites on formerly flown boosters.

“We trust reusable rockets will open adult a new epoch of spaceflight, and make entrance to space some-more fit in terms of cost and perceptible management,” SES CEO Martin Halliwell said during a press discussion behind in March. He also mentioned that SES does get slight discounts when it flies on used Falcon 9s.

Today’s launch is scheduled for 6:53PM ET. There’s a two-hour launch window, so SpaceX can lift off adult until 8:53PM ET. So distant continue is looking good for launch; there’s a 90 percent possibility of auspicious conditions. However, if SpaceX does not launch today, a association has a backup window tomorrow during a same time.

SpaceX’s coverage of a goal is slated to start 15 mins before takeoff. Check behind afterwards to watch a launch live.

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