Spurs vs. Warriors 2017 live updates: Scores, highlights, and news

Final score: Golden State blows by San Antonio in a second half, 110-98. They fundamentally conceded a initial half, spotting a Spurs a dozen indicate lead, and still came behind to win. Wow.

They did that … and oh yeah, Kevin Durant will be behind soon.

6:50 in fourth quarter: The Warriors went from looking utterly bad in a initial entertain to really good ever since. They lead 99-90 after Klay Thompson motionless to feverishness up, fasten Curry and Iguodala in double digits.

4:46 in third quarter: Golden State could be adult by a lot though a 13-to-6 descent resilient disadvantage. Kawhi Leonard usually swept in simply for a lax round and put it in for dual points off a good defensive possession for a Warriors. (I will say, it’s not a outrageous warn this happens when JaVale McGee checks in. He is not famous for his fighting out.)

7:19 in third quarter: The Warriors are adult by 8 points now. As it turns out, Stephen Curry is good.

10:40 in third quarter: Warriors lead! We have ourselves a diversion now, folks.

End of second quarter: The Warriors route usually 57-54 to San Antonio during halftime. Andre Iguodala has a outrageous 10 points off a bench, while Curry leads a group with 14. Still, San Antonio looks good, and Danny Green is already 4-of-6 behind a arc.

Stopping Steph on threes: It looks arrange of like this.

Zaza Pachulia got a far-reaching open layup.

End of initial quarter: We’re 12 mins into a game, and somehow, a Warriors are usually down 16 points. It’s 33-17, with usually 3 Golden State players have scored.

Meanwhile, a Spurs strike 5 threes in a initial quarter, and thrived on 8 descent rebounds. This is fundamentally what it was like.

5:01 in initial quarter: The Warriors usually had to call a timeout given San Antonio started 23-3 opposite them. Yo, what a hell. San Antonio isn’t even sharpened that good — they’re 8-of-17! But Golden State is 1-of-11 and incited a round over 5 times. My goodness.

The San Antonio Spurs take on a Golden State Warriors in a nationally televised diversion with clear playoff implications on Wednesday night. Tip-off is scheduled for 9:30 p.m. ET, and a Western Conference showdown will atmosphere on ESPN and can be live streamed on WatchESPN.

The Warriors slumped after a All-Star mangle when Kevin Durant went down with a terrifying MCL sprain, and they quickly surrendered a West’s No. 1 seed to a Spurs in mid-March. But they have given won their final 8 games, including a seven-point win in a defensive exhibition opposite a Houston Rockets on Tuesday.

The Warriors drew a brief finish of a stick, though, and see a Spurs in a second diversion of a back-to-back. Science says they should rest their stars, yet a NBA is staunchly opposite doing so on a inhabitant stage.

What’s during stake: The Warriors are 2.5 games forward of a Spurs for a tip seed in a West. A Spurs win will cut that necessity to usually 1.5 games. San Antonio has 7 games opposite playoff opponents remaining on a schedule. Golden State has usually four. The Spurs need this win to plea for No. 1. A Warriors win all though cements their station atop a conference.

Season series: The Spurs have blown a Warriors out in any of their dual matchups. San Antonio pummeled Golden State, 129-100, in a season-opener. And with both teams lacking starters (Spurs due to injury, Warriors due to rest), Gregg Popovich coached his approach into a 107-85 win over Steve Kerr.

Injuries: The Spurs are though rookie indicate ensure Dejounte Murray (left groin injury). The Warriors are though Kevin Durant (sprained MCL).

Top players: Spurs — Kawhi Leonard (26 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 1.9 SPG), LaMarcus Aldridge (17.6 PPG, 7.4 RPG), Pau Gasol (12.3 PPG, 7.7 RPG)
Warriors — Stephen Curry (24.9 PPG, 6.5 APG, .398 3PT%), Klay Thompson (22.3 PPG, .418 3PT%), Draymond Green (10.4 PPG, 8.1 RPG, 7.1 APG)

Kevin Durant’s status: Durant was re-evaluated on Wednesday, 4 weeks after pang a Grade 2 MCL twist opposite a Washington Wizards. ESPN.com’s Marc Stein reported he will expected make his lapse in a final 3 games of a unchanging season.

How to watch

Time: 9:30 p.m. ET

Place: ATT Center, San Antonio, Texas


Live stream: WatchESPN

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