Star Wars: Rebels reveals trailer for final season

Every commencement has an end, and that final impulse is entrance for Star Wars: Rebels.

Disney XD has announced that subsequent deteriorate will be a final for a charcterised series, about an orphaned child named Ezra Bridger, a depressed Jedi named Kanan Jarrus, and a misfit organisation of a Ghost: commander Hera Syndulla, sullen droid Chopper, reformed annuity hunter Sabine Wren, and niggardly flesh Zeb Orellios.

Produced by The Clone Wars co-creator Dave Filoni, Rebels will get 15 some-more episodes subsequent season, starting in a fall.

Although it will finish with deteriorate 4, Rebels has turn interwoven via a broader Star Wars storytelling universe. References to it were embedded via a new standalone film Rogue One, with a Ghost manifest via a conflict of Scarif, and a new Forces of Destiny array of charcterised shorts and toys will prominence Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla in stories that have them interacting with characters from a strange trilogy.

The new trailer, featured above, facilities some vital squee moments for fans: Hera piloting an X-wing, with Chopper as her co-pilot; a starship regulating a hyperdrive to blast by a core of a space station, and a Ghost forward toward a Yavin 4 bottom seen in Rogue One and 1977’s strange Star Wars.

Lucas FilmLTD/Youtube

Filoni finished a proclamation about a show’s finish during Star Wars Celebration in Orlando during a Rebels row alongside his voice cast Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Kanan), Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Taylor Gray (Ezra), Vanessa Marshall (Hera), and Steve Blum (Zeb).

Filoni betrothed a throng that nonetheless Rebels was ending, Lucasfilm had other skeleton for animation in a future.


The final deteriorate will also embody some-more characters from the films, with Genevieve O’Reilly, who played Mon Mothma in Rogue One, returning to a array to voice a Rebel celebrity once again. “Mon Mothma has always been flattering level, though we competence see her get a small burning for once,” Filoni says. “She’s a celebrity for a reason.”

Forest Whitaker will also lapse to a uncover as a mutinous Saw Gerrera, partnered with his visitor co-pilot Idrio Two-Tubes. The row showed an picture of a span piloting one of a U-wing fighters from Rogue One.

Warwick Davis, a Star Wars maestro of many films, though many particularly as Wicket a Ewok from Return of a Jedi, finally gets to voice a impression after publicly lobbying Filoni for a role. He’ll be behaving Rukh, a sinister visitor murderer and bodyguard for a blue-skinned Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn.

“He’s unequivocally creepy,” Filoni pronounced of a character, after bringing Davis onstage (mainly to torture him.) “So we indispensable someone creepy. And also disreputable and devious.”


Each of a expel members got to exhibit a small about a story arcs their characters will follow in a final 15 episodes.

Hera Syndulla: Vanessa Taylor pronounced Hera will continue her love/hate terrain intrigue with Kanan. But she’s not down for daze either. “Her concentration is many some-more pointy — as it needs to be,” Taylor told a audience. “She’s been impacted by losses, and is some-more dynamic to get a pursuit done. [The Ghost organisation members] always have hope, though they’re pulpy to a really edges of what’s before them.”

Zeb Orellios: One of a final survivors of a scarcely archaic Lasat class is finally feeling like he belongs. “He’ll get 20% improved during not losing Chopper in bets,” Blum said. But Zeb finally feels a deeper devotion to a Rebel cause. “He’s apropos a improved citizen, rather than only a tough muscle-head.”

Chopper: Filoni joked that agreement negotiations roughly prevented a droid from appearing on a culmination season. “He was a tough adjudicator for Season 4 since he had finished some film …” a executive writer pronounced — a anxiety to Chopper’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Rogue One (see below.) “But we was like, ‘But we didn’t see we in it, does that count?’” Filoni said. Ultimately a drudge relented.

It competence seem like Chopper doesn’t have a genuine arc, though we’ll learn some-more about his past — even if his celebrity doesn’t develop much. “People consider he’s only grumpy, though infrequently we find that when someone is that cantankerous, they indeed caring a most,” Filoni said.

Kanan Jarrus: “He’s still blind, though he has seen some-more than he has ever seen before,” says Prinze, of a former Jedi trainee, who mislaid way, and after mislaid his steer in a conflict involving Darth Maul and Darth Vader. “He has struggled for 3 seasons to be a decent Jedi, though his mistakes finished me tumble in adore with him.”

Sabine Wren: Sircar strongly hinted that we’ll see another Mandalorian “we know” this season. The many distinguished member of this soldier competition was Boba Fett, a annuity hunter who collected Han Solo for Jabba a Hutt during a finish of The Empire Strikes Back. As a uncover draws to a close, it’s healthy we’d finally see him correlate with Sabine, even if they’ve selected to align with opposite sides of a galactic polite war.

“You’ll be happy with some specific episodes, and who competence uncover up,” she said, glancing constantly during Filoni for superintendence about how much, or how little, to reveal. “There competence be people we know…”

Fill-in cut in: “It’s fun to listen to someone evade.”

Ezra Bridger: This immature boy, who began a array as a travel kid, a thief, and an orphan, has finally found his family and begun to daub his Force attraction as a hardscrabble Jedi trainee. But we know from a strange Star Wars cinema that Luke Skywalker is a final Jedi, so somewhere along a line Ezra possibly choses a opposite trail — or his tour comes to an end.

“He’s seen a good and a bad,” Gray told a audience. “Season 4 is about mostly about what kind of Jedi — or chairman — he wants to be. It’s time to go behind and do what he can for his possess people.”

That’s when Filoni gave him a demeanour to contend no more. But it sounds like one reason Bridger doesn’t continue on as a probable Jedi is that he earnings to his home universe of Lothal, to assistance lead it out of Imperial oppression.

Ahsoka Tano: This former padawan of Anakin Skywalker, incited relentless enemy of Darth Vader, began on The Clone Wars array — and when that uncover was abruptly canceled, her possess arc was left in a lurch.

Filoni gave her a finish during a finish of a second season, entrance face-to-mask with her former mentor, and that part finished with an puzzling shot of her walking into a cave, that some fans took literally (She lives!) and some saw as a embellishment for her suggestion flitting into a opposite area (She’s left …)

Although singer Ashley Eckstein wasn’t on a panel, her heroine was represented on a t-shirt Filoni wore, with “Ahsoka Lives?” emblazoned on it.

After display a trailer to a audience, Filoni walked behind to core theatre to deliver a full part from a arriving season. As a lights came up, his t-shirt had changed.

It now read: “Ahsoka Lives!”

If we need explanation that zero in Star Wars is truly left forever, there was a sign.

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