‘Star Wars’: What to Expect From an Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie

If there’s one thing that knowledge can demonstrate, it’s that there’s a high luck that a stand-alone Obi-Wan Kenobi film now in development will underline a Jedi Knight holding on Tusken Raiders.

While it’s now misleading usually when a Kenobi film will be set, there are usually 3 options that make a lot of account sense: a duration before Kenobi’s initial (chronological) onscreen coming in 1999’s Star Wars: Episode we — The Phantom Menace; a Clone Wars era; and a roughly dual decades of time between events in Episode III — Revenge of a Sith and a strange Star Wars movie. Of those, a center choice is potentially problematic, given how many of that time duration has already been lonesome in a charcterised array of a same name, and a initial choice maybe packs small guarantee given that it is, technically, a time of relations ease before things started going badly for a Jedi Order. (Plus, a strange Star Wars and prequel trilogies have already lonesome a “origin of a Jedi” arc such a film would presumably be covering.)

Therefore, it’s rarely illusive that any Kenobi film would take place in a duration where a impression is in stealing on Tatooine, while a Empire rises via a universe around him. But of march it is — this isn’t usually a lengthiest opening in Kenobi’s onscreen life, it’s also a many abounding domain to try and, tellingly, a same time duration as a other Star Wars Story stand-alone facilities famous to a world, with Rogue One finale usually before to a opening of 1977’s Star Wars and a untitled Han Solo film function usually a handful of years earlier, formed on a characters’ ages. This 30-year opening of Star Wars story between a initial dual film trilogies is, apparently, elite genuine estate for Lucasfilm to build on.

On a face of it, this time duration would benefaction some problems for filmmakers. After all, according to progressing movies, Kenobi’s disappearance during this time is so sum that a name “Obi-Wan Kenobi” becomes a myth, with his costume of “Old Ben Kenobi” transforming him into a hermit that’s seen as, if not helpless, afterwards positively not as absolute as he indeed is. How do we build a story around that? Thankfully, it’s already been finished — in poetry and comic book form, during least. (Not to mention, fan trailer.)

A repeated underline of Marvel’s stream Star Wars comic book is “The Journals of Old Ben Kenobi,” a framing method in that Kenobi writes of his adventures during his self-imposed exile. These stories are intentionally smaller in range than those traditionally common in Star Wars, and see him operative mostly clandestine to understanding with some-more internal threats to internal communities, either they’re annuity hunters, criminals or Tusken Raiders. Notably, these stories all stress that Kenobi is purposefully examination over a immature Luke Skywalker and saving him from risk — a tie already shown in a charcterised Star Wars: Rebels series, and one such that it feels doubtful any intensity film would be means to resist.

The same simple setup is loyal of a 2006 brief story “The Last One Standing,” that sees Kenobi strengthen Skywalker, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru from Tusken Raiders, and also — sans Skywalker — of a 2013 novel Kenobi, in that a Jedi Knight helps settlers mount adult to Tusken Raiders while perplexing to keep his loyal powers a secret. While both “The Last One Standing” and Kenobi are no longer canon, a Marvel comic books are, charity adult an thought of what Obi Wan’s life was like in stealing and a plans for any intensity film holding place during a same timeframe.

Should this indeed be what to design in a destiny Kenobi movie, fans can rest positive that another partial of a strange film is expected to accept an astonishing prologue. After a Ponda Baba cameo in Rogue One, a Kenobi film competence finally give us a credentials to a character’s initial coming in a strange pic, shown below.

Finally, a backstory on bad blood between Jedi and Tusken Raiders can be revealed! Well, probably…

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