Steelers: Joey Porter to be with coaching staff vs. Chiefs

10:23 AM ET

PITTSBURGH — Steelers partner manager Joey Porter is returning to a group a day after his attack charges from an purported rumpus during a Pittsburgh bar Sunday night were dropped.

Porter, a Steelers’ outward linebackers coach, spent 4 days on team-administered leave though will be partial of a coaching staff for a local playoff diversion Sunday during Kansas City, a group announced.

“We have reviewed a accessible information per a occurrence that took place on Sunday night,” Steelers boss Art Rooney II pronounced in a statement. “We have also reviewed a communication from a Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office indicating a goal of that bureau to repel all though a outline offense charges. As an organization, we have good honour for a pursuit a City of Pittsburgh Police perform for a community. We also honour a fact that there are ongoing authorised record stemming from a incident. We will wait a outcome of a authorised routine and promulgate serve with a NFL per a personal control process before creation any serve decisions on intensity discipline.”

In a apart matter released by a team, Porter — who was indicted in a rapist censure of picking adult a bouncer after being denied opening into a bar and grabbing a wrists of an inserted officer — pronounced he is “grateful” to lapse to a Steelers.

“I bewail that we was concerned in an occurrence that could have been a daze to a team,” Porter said. “Most importantly, we bewail that we overwhelmed a military officer and we unequivocally apologize for that action. Thankfully, no one was injured.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. motionless to dump charges of aggravated assault, facing detain and daring tamper after observation notice video of a incident, according to The Associated Press. Summary open immoderation and unfinished control are a usually charges upheld by a surveillance, Zappala said. The dual citations any lift fines adult to $500 and 90 days in jail.

Coach Mike Tomlin pronounced Tuesday that a “standard of decorum” for NFL coaches should be high and that a Porter detain would not be a daze for a team.

Porter, who played 8 of his 13 NFL seasons in Pittsburgh, is in his second year as a Steelers position coach.

He has had mixed run-ins with a law in a past, including a 2010 detain for guess of inebriated pushing and an indictment of assaulting a military officer and facing arrest. Those charges, filed in his hometown of Bakersfield, California, were eventually dropped.

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