Stephen Colbert draws a bold draft to illustrate Devin Nunes’ tighten ties to President Trump

Nobody seems certain what is going on with President Trump and Russia, and that’s “partly since it’s unequivocally complicated,” Stephen Colbert pronounced on Tuesday’s Late Show. It’s also since Trump has “really tedious spies,” he said. “So I’m going to liven it adult right now by explaining a conditions with some-more sparkling spies, a Tom Clancy novels.” This works out improved than we competence think.

Colbert spent a few mins on a new Trump-Russia revelations, including Jared Kushner’s formerly undisclosed assembly with a authorised Russian bank in December. “And it looks like a vigour of these Russian rumors are removing to a administration,” he said, a indicate he illustrated with Sean Spicer’s remark about Trump and Russian dressing. “Wait a second, a boss put Russian sauce on a salad tonight?” Colbert said. “That’s outrageous news! Trump ate a salad?” Still, formed on his chatter feed, “Russia rumors contingency be removing to Trump, too.”

Rumors aside, “what’s a truth?” Colbert asked. “Was there sinful collusion between a Trump debate and Russia, or is this all usually being blown out of suit by a magnanimous media over during The New York Times and a FBI? Who knows?” Not, he suggested, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who “doesn’t seem all that focused on Russia, since he’s spent a lot of time perplexing to countenance Trump accusing Obama of wiretapping him a integrate of weeks ago.”

Nunes hold a warn press discussion final week observant he’d seen justification that U.S. comprehension agencies inadvertently picked adult Trump group communications with unfamiliar powers, though hasn’t common it with his cabinet members and says he’ll never exhibit his source. In fact, Colbert said, “the usually chairman he has briefed on a theme is Donald Trump. Oh, that is shining investigator work. You accumulate all a justification we can on a primary suspect, and afterwards we share it with him.” The large questions are “what Nunes found out, and who leaked it to him,” Colbert said. “And to get to a bottom of that, we’re going to need The Late Show‘s Figure-It-Out-a-Tron.” Think Glenn Beck’s chalkboard, though naughtier. “He’s unequivocally in Trump’s middle circle,” Colbert said, sketch complete. “And no matter where this review leads, no matter what we find out, one thing is true: Nunes is not entrance out of this smelling like a rose.” Watch below. Peter Weber

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