Steve ‘Stevie Steve’ Stephens: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

A gunman fatally shot an aged male during random, broadcasting video of a sharpened on Facebook Live, and has claimed to have killed several other people on Easter Sunday, Cleveland Police say.

Steve Stephens, who goes by Stevie Steve on Facebook, is wanted for homicide, Cleveland Police pronounced in a press release. Only one shooting, that was promote on Facebook, has been confirmed, military said.

The sharpened happened during 635 East 93rd Street, military said.

The city has been on high warning for a past dual hours, with military brisk several areas and putting lockdowns in place.

“Cleveland stay inside and be safe,” one chairman wrote on Twitter.

This story is still building Here’s what we know so far:

1. ‘Found Me Somebody I’m Going to Kill, This Guy Right Here, This Old Dude’


Cleveland Police have reliable that a video posted to Facebook Live display an aged male being shot is legitimate. The video was posted Sunday by a Facebook user going by a name “Stevie Steve,” who has been identified by military as Steve Stephens.

You can watch a video next (warning: unequivocally graphic)

Stephens’ Facebook page has given been taken down.

In a intolerable video, Stephens can be seen pulling down a highway and he says, “Found me somebody I’m going to kill, this male right here, this aged dude,” before exiting his vehicle. He walks adult to a male and starts articulate to him, seeking how aged he is before pulling out a gun.

The male tries to defense himself before Stephens fires once, attack a male in a head.

The video shows a male on a ground, draining as Stephens walks behind to his SUV and drives off.

2. He Has Claimed on Facebook to Have Killed 15 People in an ‘Easter Day Slaughter’

Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

In another Facebook post, Stephens pronounced he has killed 15 people. He had been posting on Facebook for during slightest 4 hours before his page was taken down.

His initial post called a shootings an “Easter day slaughter.” In that post, he claimed to have killed 12 people, and pronounced he “won’t stop” until his mom and another lady call him.

“I’m a #goodguy,” he wrote.

In after posts, he claimed to have killed 3 some-more people. He wrote that many of a bodies were in an deserted house.

steve stephens video

Steve Stephens. (Cleveland Police)

Cleveland Police pronounced in a press recover that usually one carnage has been confirmed.

“This shit is real,” he wrote on Facebook.

In another video he says he has “snapped” and has a “lot of built in annoy and frustration,” revelation a male on a other line he has killed a integrate people. You can watch a video below:

“I snapped, dog, we only snapped,” he tells a male on a phone, observant he abashed his companionship with his actions. “I only killed 13 motherf*ckers man. That’s what we did, we killed 13 people and I’m about to keep murdering until they locate me. F*ck it.”

In another video, he says, “The people I’m going to kill today, it’s Easter Sunday, it’s not my first. I’ve got a few people that’s over here off this travel … it’s an deserted house, we kind of mislaid count. we didn’t keep score. But I’m going to keep measure today. I’m hitch to have me some fun, we guess.”

He also claims he is going to incidentally fire “Greeks” in a conduct until he gets caught.

“The reprisal is about to happen,” he says.

3. He Has Blamed a Shootings on a Woman Wrote on Facebook That He Lost All His Money Gambling during Casinos Over a Past Year


On Facebook, Stephens blamed a shootings on a woman, who appears to have been his girlfriend. He wrote, “three years we spent with this dog … we wish we never met.”

In a video display him sharpened an aged man, he asks him to contend his ex-girlfriend’s name before sharpened him.

“She’s a reason this is about to occur to you,” he says. He available a Facebook Live video outward her workplace:

He says in a video she “drove him crazy.” They were ostensible to be married, he said. He also says in a video “we are all tellurian and we all have violation points.”

Stephens also says in a video that he went to speak to his mother, though she didn’t caring when he told her he was feeling suicidal and homicidal. He pronounced he blames her for pulling him to kill along with his ex-girlfriend.

“Didn’t care, it don’t matter, people would come to me with their problems, we would understanding with my problems everyday,” Stephens says. “But when it comes to my problems, nobody gives a f*ck. It’s like I’m always a bad guy, no matter what a f*ck we do, people always creation it out on me…. Innocent people about to die today. Hopefully I’m going to try and kill as many people as we can and be on genocide quarrel or whatever a box might be. we only don’t give a f*ck no more. I’m beat, I’m tired, we know.

In another post he wrote about issues he’s had over a past year.

“I mislaid all we ever had due to gambling,” he wrote. “I do not go into sum though I’m a (sic) my violation indicate I’m unequivocally on some murder shit. … FB we have 4 mins to tell me since we shouldn’t be on genocide row!!! I’m passed serious. #teamdeathrow.”


In a video, he tells a camera, “I’m 37 and all my f*cking life I’ve only always been a f*cking monster, man. Always had to infer myself, always had to take a butts of people’s jokes.”

“I’m murdering motherf*ckrs, all since of this bitch… She’s putting me during my pulling point,” he says. “I was vital over there with her, we woke adult Friday and we only couldn’t take it anymore, we only left. Here we am, massacring motherf*ckers. Today is a Easter Day (girlfriend’s name) massacre.”

In another post he wrote, “tell Jim I’m job off tomorrow.”

4. Stephens, a Case Manager during a Children’s Mental Health Facility, Has Several Videos on His Facebook Page Showing Him during Gun Ranges

In prior Facebook posts, Stephens has talked about going to a gun operation and being a good shooter. He has posted several videos display him during a gun operation for aim practice.

You can watch a videos above and below:

It is not transparent if he is armed with any weapons besides a handgun seen in a Facebook Live sharpened video.

It is not famous if Stephens has a rapist record or story of assault or mental health issues.

Online annals uncover he has perceived several trade violations in Ohio, dating behind to 2001, though no rapist charges have been found.

In a video, Stephens says that he is a box manager at Beech Brook , a children’s mental health facility.

“For 165 years, Beech Brook has been portion Northeast Ohio’s many exposed children. Today, as a heading behavioral health agency, Beech Brook will offer some-more than 18,000 children and families this year,” a facility’s website says. “Beech Brook touches a lives of children, teenagers and families by an array of services trimming from prevention, preparation and early involvement to community-based programming to strengthen and support girl and families.”

In one of his videos, Stephens blamed his workplace for pulling him to kill people.

5. Stephens Is Considered Armed Dangerous Police Have Warned a Public to Not Approach Him

Steve Stephens. (Facebook)

Cleveland Police pronounced in a Facebook post that Steve Stephens is 6’1 and weighs 244 pounds, with a bald conduct and a full beard, wearing dim blue and grey or a black striped polo shirt. He is pulling a white or cream colored SUV. He is 37.

“Armed and dangerous. If seen call 9-1-1. Do not approach,” military said.

The Cleveland Clinic was put on lockdown since of Stephens, Cleveland 19 News reports.

Cleveland State University has also released an warning observant those on campus should preserve in place:

“Cleveland Police are acid for a murder think final seen south of Interstate 90 in a area of E93rd,” a university said in a content message. “Shelter in place on campus or stay divided from campus.”

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