Swery’s new poser diversion The Good Life is looking for $1.5 million in crowdfunding

Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die creator Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro announced his newest game, The Good Life, in August, describing it as a “mystery RPG” set in a tiny city in England where everybody turns into cats during night. The debut trailer, expelled a week later, didn’t do a whole lot to explain that positively weird setup, yet it did have clips of cats, and that creates it a net certain as distant as I’m concerned. 

Today Swery and his group during White Owls took a subsequent step by rising a crowdfunding debate on Fig. The studio is seeking a whopping $1.5 million “to grasp Swery-level greatness,” and backers can opt for required prerogative tiers or tangible investments in a project. 

“This being a initial strange title, we intend to pool a common practice to emanate a high peculiarity and totally bonkers knowledge for we all,” Swery said, presumably while rub-down a white Persian with malignant eyes. “Thankfully, White Owls isn’t formulating The Good Life alone—we are propitious to have determined an implausible partnership with growth partners, Grounding and Camouflaj, who are both constant allies. I’m assured they will assistance us emanate something filled with limit SWERISM. With your support, The Good Life and a city of Rainy Woods will grow into something truly wonderful. Please assistance us to emanate a happiest city in a world! we adore we all!” 

I can positively know because Rainy Woods is such a happy place: There’s no internet, no dungeon service, no Starbucks, 5 pubs, and sheep can graze wherever they want. But it’s a residents, in both tellurian and sly aspects, who form a core of a game.   

“All townspeople work on a 24 hour schedule. Everyone lives a opposite life. Each impression has a singular celebrity and lives out a singular life. Even yet they live in a diversion world, they worry, suffer, have fun, love, and hatred as many as any genuine person,” a Fig outline states. “As we make a life for yourself in a happiest and many weird city in a world, you’ll send out reports on these villagers and a city they live in. Events change depending on a time of day, continue and season.” 

But what starts as a simple, somewhat greasy-sounding review into farming English life takes a spin for a grave when a pastor’s daughter is found in a river, murdered—pierced by a heart by an ancient sword. Deepening a poser is a summary she upheld to we a really initial time we met: “We need to accept all that comes to us. That’s a pivotal to achieving happiness.” 

The Good Life Fig debate is live now and runs for 40 days, definition you’ve got until Oct 12 to make your move.

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