T-Mobile customers: Don’t buy a Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has strictly taken a wraps off a worst-kept secret, a Galaxy Note 8. It’s a illusory phone in a possess right, and should be a much-needed lapse to business as common for Samsung. But for anyone committed to staying on T-Mobile for a forseeable future, shopping Samsung’s newest phablet would be a large mistake.

You see, T-Mobile pronounced final week that dual inclination concordant with a new 600MHz network would be launched by a finish of a year — one from Samsung and one from LG. With a best guessing hats on, we likely that would be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. But sadly, we were wrong.

A T-Mobile orator has reliable that a Galaxy Note 8 will not be concordant with LTE Band 71, a new 600MHz magnitude that T-Mobile incited on final week. Compatibility with 600MHz is a large deal, presumption we like indeed regulating your phone when you’re out and about. Lower frequencies transport serve and dig buildings better, that all adds adult to higher coverage, generally inside buildings or in farming areas.

Verizon has relied heavily on a 700MHz spectrum for years, and it’s a large partial of a reason it keeps winning coverage awards. T-Mobile’s 600MHz network promises to be usually as good or better, though we can usually take advantage of it if your phone is compatible. 600MHz harmony is usually going to get some-more critical as time goes on. T-Mobile is formulation on carrying 600MHz coverage over 1,000,000 block miles by a finish of this year, and by a finish of 2018, it will play a large partial in a inhabitant coverage.

But nothing of that helps during all if your phone doesn’t support rope 71 — and a Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t. If we buy a Note 8 right now, you’re restraining yourself into a year or dual of sub-standard service, that usually doesn’t make sense. It’s quite bad deliberation a LG V30, another top-tier Android flagship, will hopefully have Band 71 compatibility. We’re also anticipating that a entrance iPhone 8 will work on rope 71 as well.

If you’re unrelenting on removing a Note 8 on T-Mobile right now, there is one crafty pierce we can make. T-Mobile is charity a Note 8 on a Jump On Demand franchise module for $0 down, $39 a month. With Jump on Demand, we can get a Note 8 and hang onto it for 6 months, until a good Band 71 concordant phone comes out. It’ll cost we a same as shopping a mint Note 8 right now and reselling it in 6 months, though with distant reduction hassle.

Preorders open during midnight Eastern Time tonight here, and anyone who preorders or purchases before Sep 24th will get a giveaway Samsung Gear 360 Camera as well.

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