Ten French Open titles for Rafa even some-more considerable than it seems

4:13 PM ET

PARIS — When Rafael Nadal mislaid to Novak Djokovic in a quarterfinals of a 2015 French Open and afterwards pulled out of Roland Garros mid by a eventuality a year later, it seemed like his Grand Slam-winning days would be found usually on DVR. Injuries had turn commonplace, and even in a singular instance when Nadal was healthy, his formula were reduction than stellar.

And afterwards this happened. Nadal dominated Stan Wawrinka 6-2, 6-3, 6-1 to win a French Open. And if we haven’t listened by now, that’s 10 championships during Roland Garros, that raises a question: How many more?

Gustavo Kuerten, who won a French 3 times in 1997, 2000 and 2001, believes Nadal could win 15. Fifteen! Perhaps, though let’s put 10 in viewpoint first. This is a initial time any male has achieved La Decima in any Grand Slam eventuality (Rafa already managed this attainment in Monte Carlo and Barcelona this year). The usually chairman ever to win a singles pretension some-more mostly was Margaret Court, though her 11 Australian Open victories spanned a pledge and veteran eras.

“There has been a while given we don’t play unequivocally good Wimbledon,” Nadal said. “It’s loyal that after 2012 what happened with my knees have been worse and worse to contest on weed for me. … we adore grass, everybody knows, and it’s a aspect that we unequivocally enjoyed a lot personification there. And we skip play with Wimbledon again. So we wish that my knees reason good and we can have a credentials that we unequivocally need.”

Nadal will continual to conflict opposite his body, that is holding out good right now. If he can stay healthy, who’s to contend he won’t finish a year ranked No. 1 and maybe tighten a opening even serve with Federer in a Slam race. And who’s to contend Kuerten isn’t right, and Rafa won’t win 15 French titles? All questions to contemplate in a entrance months and years.

But for now, this is about La Decima.

“It has been unequivocally special to me, and it’s loyal that it is unprecedented,” Nadal said. “Trust me, I’m unequivocally happy that I’m a one who did it. I’m unequivocally happy.”

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