The 5 Best Skins In Overwatch’s Summer Games Event

The new Overwatch Summer Games skins are on us. We all know that Overwatch is unequivocally usually half a rival shooter and half a practical movement figure collection, and this new set of skins rounds things out nicely. We’ve got a set of sports-themed skins like we’ve seen before, though it’s a summer fun-themed beach skins where this thing unequivocally shines, display us some of a favorite heroes during leisure. The formula are excellent. There are some other good skins in a mix, though here are my 5 favorite skins from Overwatch’s Summer Games event.

Grillmaster 76 (Soldier 76): The leader is so apparent it hardly needs mentioning, though I’ll do it anyway: Barbecue Dad Soldier 76 is a stone-cold griller. Everything about this skin is circuitously perfect, from a “raise a steaks” quarrel apron to a load shorts and a sandals with socks. If we demeanour closely, you’ll notice some content on his gun that reads “A Salt Rifle.” Which is just… we can’t even. This is a cyborg commando on his off day: kind of lame, still lethal.

Credit: Blizzard

Grillmaster 76

Biker (Reaper): The best skins in Overwatch conduct to conjure a suggestion of given favourite to a T though in an wholly opposite context, and BMX Reaper does that about as good as possible. Something about Reaper’s adult tighten and personal shotgunning seems ideally matched to a thought of an impassioned sports daredevil. The fact that a pads are a kind of armor of their possess gives a dress a bizarre arrange of sci-fi corner that’s still grounded in 2017.

Credit: Blizzard.

Reaper’s biker skin.

Lifeguard (McCree): we suspect this is how McCree done slot change in highschool. Consider a fact that a cowboy and surfer dude are both California archetypes of a kind and it starts to creates clarity because this looks so good on McCree: a poncho seems to form a jumping off indicate for many of his skins, possibly it’s a garment or in this case, a beach towel. The Lifeguard skin has a bit of a lameness interest that also creates Grillmaster 76 so loveable.

Credit: Blizzard

Lifeguard McCree

Côte d’Azur (Widowmaker): Femme Fatale is arrange of Widowmaker’s thing, and a French Riviera seems a flattering good countenance of that concept. Widowmaker and McCree move adult a sex interest partial of this skin set from opposite angles, even if both of them are embellished out in clearly unreal footwear. It’s easy to suppose Widowmaker sunning herself on a beach, not so most for relaxation’s consequence though some-more for a purpose of examination a windows of a circuitously review and watchful for a ideal shot.

Credit: Blizzard

Widowmaker on the Côte d’Azur.

Cricket (Junkrat): Cricket Junkrat is clearly a best of what’s on offer when it comes to a uniformed side of this set. Not being from possibly a UK or a cluster that stranded around prolonged adequate to learn Cricket, we don’t know if there are Cricket hooligans a approach there are soccer hooligans, though Junkrat cuts a excellent figure nonetheless, like a actor that wandered into a bar quarrel after a game. The mask, machine and mutated circle make adult for a fact that uniforms aren’t generally desirous dress choices.

Credit: Blizzard

Cricket Junkrat.


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