The Bachelor’s Chris Soules Arrested After Deadly Car Crash

Bachelor alum Chris Soules was arrested during 1:16 a.m. on Tuesday after a lethal automobile crash, PEOPLE confirms.

According to a Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office, Soules, 35, has been charged with withdrawal a stage of a deadly automobile collision that left one particular dead. Soules was not charged with pushing underneath a influence, yet justice papers reveal Soules was in possession of alcoholic beverages/containers.

Additionally, according to a video of Soules in court, a existence star was allegedly reluctant to concur with police, forcing them to gain a aver to secure his team-work with a investigation.

Buchanan County Sheriff’s Dept.

Hours after his arrest, a Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office confirms Soules was expelled after he posted his $10,000 bond for bail.

Authorities have not expelled serve information on a accident. According to, a pickup lorry and a tractor were concerned in a crash, with both vehicles going southbound. Officers contend a lorry collided into a back of a tractor, promulgation both vehicles into roadside ditches. The plant was Kenneth Mosher, 66, of Aurora.

TMZ reports that Soules, who is from Arlington, Iowa, was pushing a pickup truck. The motorist of a tractor reportedly was taken in an ambulance to a hospital, where he died.

Soules starred on deteriorate 19 of The Bachelor in 2015. He and his final pick Whitney Bischoff broke off their engagement in May 2015.

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