The best games of LeBron James’ 200 postseason appearances

11:00 AM ET

With LeBron James personification in his 200th career playoff diversion Saturday opposite a Indiana Pacers (ABC, 3 p.m. ET), he has strike a miracle in what has been a inclusive postseason career. Here’s a demeanour during some of his many noted playoff games:

No. 1: Apr 22, 2006. It took LeBron James 3 seasons to finally make a playoffs but, when he arrived, he announced his participation with management with a nearby flawless triple-double of 32 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in an 11-point win over a Washington Wizards.

Stage is set for LeBron to set records, continue success in postseason

LeBron James could potentially strech mixed milestones in a playoffs, and continue his first-round prevalence in a process.

No. 27: May 31, 2007. Still one of a excellent performances of James’ career, he carried a Cavs to a Game 5 feat in Detroit that paved a approach for his initial NBA Finals appearance. He scored 29 of a team’s final 30 points, including a game-winner in overtime, to finish a 48-point night before wanting an IV after a game.

No. 46: May 18, 2008. One of a many epic duels of his career and one of a many sour defeats. He scored 45 points with Paul Pierce scoring 41. But a Celtics squeezed out a five-point Game 7 feat on their approach to winning a title.

No. 56: May 22, 2009. Perhaps a many iconic shot of James’ career took place in this game. Down dual points with reduction than dual seconds remaining, James strike a high-arcing 3-pointer that went by after a buzzer sounded to win Game 2 of a Eastern Conference finals. They were a final of his 35 points.

No. 66: May 11, 2010. James’ final home diversion in his initial reign in Cleveland was maybe his many disappointing. Then top-seeded Cavs were dejected by a Celtics by 32 points. Hampered by an bend injury, James was miserable in as he shot only 3-of-14 in a low-energy bid that led some to credit him of quitting on his team.

No. 90: Jun 7, 2011. James has scored in double total in 790 uninterrupted regular-season games, a second-longest strain in history. Key is unchanging season. His playoff strain is a shorter 110 games since of this performance, expected a misfortune diversion of his career. He scored only 8 points and a Miami Heat mislaid Game 4 of a Finals to a Mavericks.

No. 109: Jun 7, 2012. A year to a date after of his lowest moment, he had maybe a transitory diversion of his career with his many purchase performance. Down 3-2 and in Boston, James’ was widespread from a start with a steely glisten that cold a crowd. He scored 45 points with 15 rebounds. The Heat won 5 of their subsequent 6 and James got his initial ring.

No. 138: Jun 20, 2013. Saved by a Ray Allen 3-pointer dual nights earlier, James delivered a authority opening in his initial Game 7 of a NBA with 37 points to bind his second pretension and second Finals MVP. The consummate was a jumper in a final notation during a finish of a shot time that is among a many purchase creates of his career.

Golden State Warriors in Game 7. He also had maybe a signature play of his career, a retard on Andre Iguodala that helped sign a win.

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