The best new facilities in Android O have zero to do with Android O

Tech fans are already commencement to hum brazen of subsequent month’s large Apple event, WWDC 2017. The association is approaching to uncover off iOS 11, a new Siri intelligent orator to take on a Google Home and Amazon Echo, several updated laptops, new iPads, and more. We still have some-more than dual weeks to go before WWDC kicks off though, and this week has been all about another tech giant: Google.

Google I/O is one of a many hotly expected tech events of a year, and this year did not defect — that is engaging deliberation a fact that Google didn’t deliver any new hardware products this past week. Google is a program association initial and foremost, of course, and Google I/O 2017 focused on software. Android O is apparently during a tip of everyone’s minds, generally now that there are more than 2 billion monthly active Android inclination in use, and Google announced copiousness of new Android O features. Interestingly, however, a best new functions that will be accessible in Android O have zero to do with Android O.

The initial Android O beta was expelled behind in March, though Google announced a slew of new Android O facilities progressing this week during I/O 2017. You can review all about them in a progressing coverage, though highlights embody large battery life improvements, several changes to a presentation system, picture-in-picture support, and so many more. But nothing of those things are during a tip of a list of a best new facilities entrance to Android phones.

If there’s one thing that’s transparent following Google’s opening keynote during I/O this week, it’s that AI and appurtenance training are a future. Google Assistant is though doubt a substructure on that Google is building a next-generation of user practice opposite all device categories and platforms. In other words, a best new facilities Android has to offer have changed small to do with Android itself.

The destiny of smartphones is some-more transparent now than it ever has been before: There is no destiny for smartphones.

It won’t occur today. It substantially won’t occur a decade from now. But in time, focus will change totally from smart devices themselves to the actual “smarts” they afford. In other words, software and appurtenance comprehension will be forever some-more critical than hardware. The smartphone is a heart of a digital lives in 2017. Down a road, however, it competence simply be a little blossom in an ear and a hit lens on an eye.

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are good personal assistant, though it’s over transparent that Google Assistant is during a conduct of a pack. Google has so many information about any of a users that Assistant is means to do things no opposition resolution can. Google Assistant is some-more active and smarter, though it’s also improving distant some-more fast than any other AI resolution on a market.

As Google announced during it’s opening keynote during Google I/O 2017, Google Assistant is removing even improved in 2017. Proactive facilities were combined to Google Home, Google Lens ties in your smartphone’s camera so that Assistant can tell we about things we see, and Google is opening Assistant adult to third-parties so that they can precedence Google’s biggest origination for their possess hardware and program solutions.

When Android O rolls out to a open after this year, it will supplement a garland of good new facilities to concordant smartphones (of course, many Android users won’t have entrance to them given their phones won’t be updated for months, though that’s a opposite story). The genuine value of Android is fast relocating off a device, however. Android’s low formation with Google Assistant is where we’ll see a many sparkling and novel facilities relocating forward, and it all starts in 2017 with Android O.

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