The College Football Playoff National Championship is here: The best of a pretension game

7:14 PM ET

The College Football Playoff National Championship presented by ATT is finally here (8 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN App) and we’ve got we lonesome all day prolonged with a furious stage in Tampa, Fla.

Lane lives!

Bo Scarbrough, always a monster

Excessive arm day, on a ref …

Forget about Bo Scarbrough or Deshaun Watson. The biggest star — utterly presumably literally — of a inhabitant pretension diversion was a Hochuli-esque ref who took a nation by storm.

Derrick Henry can make an entrance

And that’s one good hairstyle.

Be blissful he’s on your side, Bama fans

This is Rickey Loflin. He has been going to home and divided Alabama games over a final few years. He has 3,000 photos in his phone from all a stops he’s made.

Surely a new print currently for a initial college pretension diversion in Tampa.

And also … Merry CFP Christmas

Panda-ing to a Crimson Tide faithful

It’s so tough to contend goodbye

Tuscaloosa continues to prolonged call goodbye to descent coordinator Lane Kiffin. Druid City Brewing Co., that has a prolonged using chalkboard space for football-related pieces, dedicated space to a over Kiffin. Ryan Watson penned a play on a Elton John strain “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, that facilities an owl as a curtsy to Kiffin’s new purpose as conduct manager of Florida Atlantic.

Pylon cam removing ready

Dabo tries a selfie

Bama takes a leap

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