The Essential Phone will get dual years of Android program updates

The Essential Phone is impending shipment, and currently association owner Andy Rubin published a blog post clearly meant to make business feel assured with shopping into a totally new and unproven wiring brand. He laid out Essential’s beliefs and pledges, that embody providing a $700 phone with dual years of Android program updates and 3 of confidence patches. That’s on standard with Google’s skeleton for a Pixel line. Rubin creates no discuss of how quickly those will come when a new Android chronicle is released, however.

Essential Phone owners can also design new wireless accessories — a initial of that is a 360-degree camera — “every few months.” So far, all we’ve seen are a camera and a advancing station.

“At Essential, we are adult opposite attention giants that occupy tens of thousands of workers to rise and muster smartphones around a world,” Rubin wrote. “There is a poignant advantage to that kind of scale, though we also know that when a association gets to a certain size, a enterprise to emanate a customer-first knowledge infrequently takes a behind chair to other considerations, like increase and corporate agendas.”

Rubin’s blog post points to a Essential Phone’s materials (titanium and ceramic), morality (there’s no branding or trademark anywhere), and future-proofing (128GB storage) as reasons that business can feel good about investing in a device. He also takes shots during competitors during several points. One is a transparent poke during Samsung:

You buy their phone, TV, speaker, and fridge with a guarantee of simplicity, though some-more and some-more often, this is a approach to force loyalty.

And there’s also a shot during Apple’s iPhone-only apps:

Why extent who we can speak to by adhering to Facetime while there are so many alternatives out there — from WhatsApp to WeChat — that work opposite a far-reaching operation of mobile and desktop devices.

Rubin claims that a Essential Phone is accessible “starting today” from Essential’s website, Sprint, and Best Buy. But it seems to be a soft, ongoing launch; Sprint estimates a phone to boat “within a few weeks.” It’s anyone’s theory when you’ll be means to travel into a Best Buy store and get one.

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