The initial ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 promo is here, though what does it all mean?

At initial glance, a new promo trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 is usually a badass montage of flattering people walking solemnly by hallways while James’ “Sit Down” plays atmospherically in a background. 

But this is Thrones, damnit, where each sight, sound and whine has meaning. So let’s mangle down all a intensity clues about Season 7 dark in this chilling new teaser and assume wildly! 

First, give a teaser another watch, given it’s flattering awesome:

The Song

On a many simple level, a promo borrows heavily from a imagery of a strange strain video for “Sit Down” — that starts with 3 really opposite chairs, including an apparent throne. (We get low about the strain and a definition here, if we wish to tumble down a rabbit hole.)

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) was crowned black of Westeros during a finish of Season 6 after a self-murder of her son, Tommen, so she’s sitting flattering on a Iron Throne in King’s Landing in a promo. 

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was named King in a North following a improved of Ramsay Bolton (which he mostly owed to Sansa and Littlefinger, let’s be honest), so he’s behind home in a Great Hall of Winterfell.

At a finish of Season 6, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) set cruise to Westeros with her army, and a promo sees her holding a chair on a bench clearly done of rock. While there’s a possibility she’s walking by a tip passages subsequent a Red Keep during King’s Landing — that were built by her ancestor, King Maegor we Targaryen — intelligent income is that she’s in a formerly tip Throne Room during Dragonstone, former home of Stannis Baratheon (RIP) and a ancestral chair of House Targaryen in Westeros. 

The chain of a lyrics is also telling. 

The words, “Those who feel a exhale of sadness, lay down subsequent to me,” are sung over shots of Jon and Dany walking; both characters have arguably mislaid some-more than anyone else in a uncover — their lovers and family members, in serve to their loyal identities and claims to a Iron Throne, that would make anyone flattering sad. 

Could this common line also be a spirit during an fondness between a two, fulfilling a guarantee of George R. R. Martin’s pretension for his array of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire? Let’s wish so!

Cersei, meanwhile, gets a line “Those who find they’re overwhelmed by madness, lay down subsequent to me.” The lady usually blew adult half her city and and a large swath of her domestic enemies with wildfire — eerily suggestive of a Mad King — and she also doesn’t seem too worried about a fact that her son usually threw himself off a patio given of it, so stupidity seems like a satisfactory description. 

The strain afterwards repeats “In love, in fear, in hate, in tears,” that is a spot-on outline of Game of Thrones if ever I’ve listened one, before a carol of “oh, lay down” kicks in. 

The Visuals

Cersei and Jon are seen where we left them, so that’s not quite groundbreaking news, though a fact that Dany is on land is revelation — hopefully that means we’ll collect adult Season 7 with her removing to her destination, though any serve naval shenanigans. 

Long live a queen!

Long live a queen!

Image: hbo

If she is indeed chilling during Dragonstone, that means she’s reclaiming her family’s normal chair of energy in Westeros, and regulating that as a home bottom to classify her forces. While there, she’ll hopefully be means to collect adult a few some-more supporters from a surrounding islands who are peaceful to join her means — given some other houses in a area are also of Valyrian descent and substantially weren’t furious about a Baratheons. 

But it’s also value observant that Dragonstone is located on an island, not mainland Westeros, that still keeps Dany distant from a movement — nonetheless we can’t suppose we’ll have to wait prolonged before she launches her initial conflict on a Lannisters. 

It seems some-more judicious for her to land on Dragonstone than to make true for King’s Landing (although she’ll positively make use of a Red Keep’s tip passages during some point), generally given Stannis’ army were wiped out by a Boltons and he murdered his usually heir, withdrawal a palace developed for a taking.

Dany and Jon’s thrones also direct serve inspection: Dany’s chair is done of mill — fitting, for a place called Dragonstone — that usually so happens to be a element that can withstand heated feverishness (like, say, dragon fire) distant improved than iron can. 

Our favorite khaleesi has already vowed to make some changes when she reclaims Westeros (“I’m not going to stop a wheel, I’m going to break a wheel”), and her choice of bench is a ideal instance of that. She looks assured and regal, though not quite happy, as she takes her seat, while Cersei smirks slightly, foolishly secure in her position now that she has a energy she’s always craved.

Jon, on a other hand, clearly doesn’t feel like a aristocrat — and he’s always been a sincerely demure leader, most like his uncle father Ned Stark — that explains his somewhat quiescent countenance as he walks a halls of Winterfell.

Jon's got bigger problems than a Iron Throne.

Jon’s got bigger problems than a Iron Throne.

Image: hbo

He’s always felt like an imposter in a Stark family, so he sits uneasily in Ned’s seat, wearing a disguise that Sansa done him that’s designed to demeanour like their father’s. 

But Jon has another reason to feel nervous — he’s faced a Night King and he knows that a White Walkers are right on his doorstep. 

He’s been named King in a North (we all know how good that worked out for Robb), though how prolonged will he stay there? As he looks during a Great Hall and a corridors he grew adult in, maybe he’s scheming to contend goodbye to a usually home he’s ever famous and impetus out opposite a White Walkers? Maybe his resigned countenance is given he skeleton to give Sansa stewardship of Winterfell and shortcoming over a North while he goes to fight — a gods know she’s warranted it. 

The promo afterwards cuts to Jon, Dany and Cersei shutting their eyes as a candles blow out — is that an meaningful spirit that one of them will die this season? (Sorry, Cersei.) Or maybe it’s a approach of teasing that a White Walkers are coming, their chill snuffing out a light, usually like winter is holding over Westeros?

The subsequent shot of Cersei positively seems to indicate that — she blows out an icy exhale that’s manifest in a air. King’s Landing is flattering drafty, though we’re substantially ostensible to make a tie between her and a Night King, given we blur to black on Cersei before zooming out to exhibit a glacial blue eye of a villain. 

Some group usually wish to watch a universe freeze.

Some group usually wish to watch a universe freeze.

Image: hbo

Could Cersei be anticipating to make an fondness with a Night King? She really doesn’t demeanour too worried by a dump in temperature. The White Walkers don’t seem like a form to make bargains with humans, though that substantially wouldn’t stop Cersei trying. 

The shot competence be a idea that Cersei will die first, before a Night King tries conquering a rest of Westeros, though given a White Walkers are now adult North and have a lot of belligerent to cover before they get to King’s Landing, she’s substantially in reduction risk from them than she is everybody else on a continent that now wants her dead. 

Most likely, a shot is usually designed as a sign that winter is here — and that all of a would-be rulers have distant bigger things to worry about than who’s on a Iron Throne. 

As Jon says in a new square of discourse from the initial Season 7 teaser, “There is usually one fight that matters: a good war, and it is here.”

Or it will be on Jul 16, that is still most too distant away.

Kayla Bazile, Proma Khosla, Chris Taylor and Kate Sommers-Dawes contributed to this story.


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