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HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. – Will it be another weekend spent examination April? 

April, a now-famous-and-very-pregnant giraffe during Animal Adventure Park, is still doing her thing with no transparent indications if a birth is approaching or not.

But we’ll keep examination with you. 

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Friday’s update wasn’t anywhere nearby as carefree as last weekend’s. Apr appears to be eating well, and her “udders are full, polish caps have reappeared (as they will come and go during times), and she is unequivocally most “herself”.

On Thursday, April’s screw reported a poignant change in her shape. “Her body/belly is most reduction beach balled, as a bulges have streamlined. Perhaps suggesting a new position of calf.” 

The pronounced they’re anticipating for a “launch sequence!”


On Tuesday, April’s screw reported that “April continues to omit grain, and behind finish bloat is noticeably incomparable than day prior. We, like many of you, sat adult in bed or were inches from a screens a few times final night. She keeps us guessing. Rest assured, all is well, there is no distress, no pain – she is simply (but slowly) advancing. From what we have been told from before trickery – when she has her calves – she calves unequivocally fast – that has us all on our toes as it is!”

Many Apr watchers beheld that lights were out progressing than common Monday night. Her keepers explained, “With normal slight returning of gentle temps and yard time, joined with a suspicion that a healthy light cycle of a eve and emergence form competence assistance entice/speed adult a labor, we will see us change a provide time and lights out slight to progressing in a day. When exactly? Depends on utterly a bit…so keep watching!”

On Friday, a weekend birth seemed like a certain thing, with her keepers posting, All observations, behavior, and predictions advise a calf today, tonight – we would be repelled to get by a weekend though a newest addition. This is what we have all been watchful for!”

Well, a weekend has come and gone, and still no baby calf.

So what happened? April’s vet, Dr. Tim, explained in a Sunday night post:

So a timeline for my 24-48 hour prophecy is fast entrance to an end… not startling is a fact that we still have no calf and we still don’t have a giraffe in Labor! Pretty most all of her clinical signs from a integrate days ago are still true. She usually isn’t utterly prepared to give a universe what it wants.

To answer a few doubt we have seen on a web in several places: no, she isn’t late; no, she isn’t overdue; no, I’m not endangered she is “taking so long”, nor should we be. Yes she stays happy and gentle (considering a circumstances). Yes, she will have this calf when she is good and ready. No, open cheer won’t change that. No, we can't satisfy her, nor should we wish to… (those are tellurian constructs that don’t request to vast furious animals and usually discredit a life of Apr and her calf )Yes, it will be overwhelming when a calf arrives. No, examination after Apr is not my usually job. Yes, we have been examination her for a unequivocally prolonged time… suffer a uncover people. Get some-more popcorn.

You all know how most we adore to be wrong about my predictions, though such is life. I’ll keep all posted and will let we know when a baby is on a way. It unequivocally shouldn’t be most longer, I’m usually not going to tell we my guesstimate anymore. 

So we’re still watching. And waiting. 

In box we missed it, Animal Adventure Park owners Jordan Patch offering a few updates and FAQ’s on Apr final week. 

Is Apr indeed in labor?

There’s been a lot of conjecture of how prolonged Apr has been in labor and if she’s indeed contracting. Patch explained that it’s not unequivocally approaching that we will be means to tell April’s labor until we see an tangible leg start to poke out of her rear-end. Giraffe’s instinctively censor their labor for however prolonged it’s durability in sequence to not pull courtesy from predators who will wait out a giraffe’s labor in sequence to conflict once a calf is born. One pointer of active labor is when a giraffe’s H2O breaks. It can be anywhere from a delayed drip of glass to a upsurge of mucus.


Then because is a feed adult if we’re not certain when a calf is coming?

Animal Adventure Park is now in a off-season and a park is sealed to visitors. People who’ve visited a park in prior months knew of April’s pregnancy and a park has been receiving inquiries about her giving birth. Animal Adventure felt this was a good approach to keep those who wanted to follow along with Apr informed.

Is a calf a child or girl?

Animal Adventure says their ultrasound apparatus can't tell a sex of a calf.

Why is April’s mate, Oliver, kept apart from April?

Male giraffes instinctively caring about 3 things. Mating, fighting and eating. Oliver is usually authorised inside with Apr a small during a time and underneath tighten supervision. Otherwise, he could be a risk to Apr and her calf by presumably fighting her, attempting to partner with her or eating her food. Male giraffes also are not partial of a child rearing process.

How can we tell if Apr is contracting?

Giraffes are pros and stealing their labor, though Patch explains there are certain signs he looks for that he believes are her contractions. They embody transformation in a hips, straightening of a neck and stomach movement, that is a calf relocating inside.

What if YouTube removes a video again?

Animal Adventures says they have a fill-in devise and will go live from their Facebook page of a feed.
When a open contention names for a baby?

Once a calf is innate and a sex is determined, Animal Adventures will post a competition proclamation on their amicable media platforms where we can contention your name suggestions.

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How aged is April?

We schooled that Apr is 15 years old. In healthy habitats, a giraffes’ life camber is about 15 years. However when in tellurian caring that can extend to 20-27 years old. Patch explained that Apr is in good and clever condition that not usually is her life camber approaching to go good past a 15 years, depending on how she handles her fourth birth, she could presumably be fit adequate to have some-more calves.

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How prolonged has Apr been with Animal Adventure Park?

April has been with Animal Adventure Park given Sep 2015 and this is her initial calf birth during a park. Once her calf is innate and she is finished nursing it, he or she will pierce on to another trickery as it’s singular to keep family members together with fear of incest.

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