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9 p.m.

Warner Bros. is disjunction ties with Brett Ratner amid mixed passionate nuisance claims finished opposite a writer and director.

A chairman informed with a preference pronounced Wednesday that Ratner’s lapsed first-look prolongation understanding with a studio will not be renewed and that he will no longer occupy a bureau space he rented on a company’s lot in Burbank, Calif. The chairman spoke on condition of anonymity since they were not certified to plead a matter publicly.

Ratner has also been taken off of a instrumentation of Donna Tartt’s novel “The Goldfinch,” that he had formerly been set to produce.

Ratner’s prolongation company, RatPac Entertainment does have a financing understanding with a studio that will continue until Mar 2018. The chairman pronounced it is misleading either that will be renewed. The $450-million co-financing understanding was sealed in 2013.

A Warner Bros. deputy pronounced a studio had no comment.

Ratner pronounced progressing he was privately stepping divided from Warner Bros. associated activity. His profession has denied a passionate nuisance allegations on his behalf.

— AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr


8 p.m.

Director and writer Brett Ratner is stepping divided from all Warner Bros. associated activities following a claims of passionate nuisance finished opposite him by 6 women in a Los Angeles Times essay published Wednesday.

Ratner pronounced Wednesday he doesn’t wish to have any probable disastrous impact to a studio until what he called “personal issues” are resolved. He did not anxiety a allegations specifically. Among a actresses who have indicted Ratner of nuisance is thespian Olivia Munn.

Ratner’s prolongation association RatPac-Dune Entertainment has a co-financing understanding with a studio that has encompassed most of Warner Bros.’s output, including “Wonder Woman,” ‘’It” and a arriving “Justice League.”

Ratner’s profession has pronounced a executive vehemently denies a allegations.


6:40 p.m.

“Wonder Woman” executive Patty Jenkins says she is intensely unsettled to review a passionate nuisance allegations opposite writer and executive Brett Ratner.

Jenkins responded Wednesday on Twitter to a Los Angeles Times story that notation accounts from 6 women alleging passionate bungle from Ratner, including thespian Olivia Munn.

She says she has never witnessed nor been wakeful of any of a actions being purported opposite Ratner. She also pronounced she stands with all a group and women who have been entrance brazen about their practice with passionate harassment.

Jenkins presented an endowment to Ratner Saturday in Los Angeles during a Jewish National Fund cooking where she praised him for assisting people.

Ratner’s prolongation association RatPac-Dune Entertainment helped furnish “Wonder Woman” as a partial of a co-financing understanding with Warner Bros. “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot was creatively set to benefaction a endowment to Ratner though pulled out during a final minute.


4 p.m.

The association co-founded by film noble Harvey Weinstein says a lawsuit he filed seeking his practice record and emails is encouraged by an improper, personal purpose.

Weinstein’s attorneys contend he needs a annals from The Weinstein Company Holdings to urge himself in intensity polite and rapist cases, and presumably for claims of prejudicial termination. They also contend a annals he wants could assistance a association respond to a polite rights review by New York’s profession general.

In a Delaware justice filing Wednesday, a association pronounced it doesn’t need Weinstein’s help, and that his goals are directly inauspicious to a own.

The association dismissed Weinstein on Oct. 8, days after media reports of his purported rapacious passionate behavior, dating behind decades.

A decider will reason a conference Thursday on Weinstein’s suit to fast-track his lawsuit, that a association says should be denied.


3:45 p.m.

A vital nation song broadside organisation is changing a name after a boss and CEO was indicted of intimately assaulting an determined nation singer.

A matter expelled Wednesday from Webster Public Relations pronounced Kirt Webster is “taking time divided from a business to concentration on a gross and wrong allegations.”

The firm, whose high-profile clients embody Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr., has been renamed Westby Public Relations and is being run by comparison clamp boss Jeremy Westby.

A former thespian named Austin Rice says Webster groped his genitals, kissed him, finished him mislay his garments and intimately assaulted him in 2008.

The allegations come as Hollywood’s passionate nuisance predicament continues to widen.


3:30 p.m.

Playboy Enterprises is shelving all projects it has with Brett Ratner — including a biopic of owner Hugh Hefner — following allegations by 6 women that a executive and writer passionate tormented and assaulted them.

Playboy says in a matter Wednesday that it’s “deeply troubled” by a allegations that Ratner’s profession says a executive denies.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Ratner intimately tormented and assaulted 6 women, including thespian Olivia Munn.

Jared Leto was approaching to play Hefner in a film co-produced by RatPac Entertainment, that was shaped by financier James Packer and Ratner. Playboy says projects with RatPac are on hold.


12:45 p.m.

A British city skeleton to bake a 36-foot (11-meter) representation of Harvey Weinstein during a annual Bonfire Night celebrations.

Each year a Edenbridge Bonfire Society chooses a apparent figure to go adult in abandon alongside an representation of 17th-century belligerent Guy Fawkes.

The multitude says a film noble was a apparent choice after many women finished allegations of passionate nuisance and attack opposite him.

The representation denounced Wednesday appears in a bathrobe, holding a Hollywood star and a clapperboard with “final cut” on it. It will be burnt Saturday in a southern England town.

The multitude stressed while a eventuality is light-hearted, there’s “nothing funny” about a allegations.

Towns opposite Britain light bonfires and fireworks to commemorate Guy Fawkes’ unsuccessful Nov. 5 Gunpowder Plot to blow adult Parliament in 1605.


12:30 p.m.

An profession for Brett Ratner says a film director, who has been indicted by 6 women of passionate nuisance and assault, “vehemently denies a vast derogative allegations.”

Attorney Martin D. Singer released a matter Wednesday observant “we are assured that his name will be privileged once a stream media frenzy dies down and people can objectively weigh a inlet of these claims.”

The Los Angeles Times news on Wednesday cites 6 women — including Olivia Munn — who contend Ratner aggressively followed actresses.

Munn pronounced that while visiting a set of Ratner’s “After a Sunset” in 2004, he masturbated in front of her in his trailer.

Ratner also destined a “Rush Hour” film series, “Red Dragon,” ‘’X-Men: The Last Stand” and “Tower Heist.”


11:15 a.m.

Dustin Hoffman is apologizing for a purported passionate nuisance of a 17-year-old novice in 1985, observant “it is not contemplative of who we am.”

Writer Anna Graham Hunter alleges that a 80-year-old actor groped her on a set of TV film “Death of a Salesman” and “talked about sex to me and in front of me.” She was left in tears, she wrote in a mainstay Wednesday in The Hollywood Reporter.

The Oscar-winner replied Wednesday morning in a statement. “I have a pinnacle honour for women and feel terrible that anything we competence have finished could have put her in an worried situation. we am sorry. It is not contemplative of who we am.”

Hoffman is a latest Hollywood name related to a torrent of passionate nuisance and attack allegations that have been levied opposite writer Harvey Weinstein, executive Brett Ratner and writer-director James Toback. Harassment allegations have also been levied opposite actors Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven.


9:45 a.m.

Six women including thespian Olivia Munn have indicted film executive Brett Ratner of passionate nuisance or bungle in a Los Angeles Times report.

Munn pronounced that while visiting a set of Ratner’s “After a Sunset” in 2004, he masturbated in front of her in his trailer. Munn described a incident, though fixing Ratner, in a 2010 collection of essays.

The LA Times news describes other encounters where Ratner aggressively followed actresses, infrequently following them into a bathroom. An additional on “Rush Hour 2” named Eri Sasaki pronounced Ratner suggested he would give her a line in a film if she slept with him.

Police weren’t contacted about any of a incidents, nor did they outcome in financial settlements.

Representatives for Ratner didn’t immediately respond to queries Wednesday.

Ratner is a latest Hollywood figure to be indicted of passionate nuisance in a liaison that began after The New York Times published an display final month about decades of nuisance allegations opposite film noble Harvey Weinstein.


6:20 a.m.

The steakhouse during Harrah’s New Orleans Casino is now called BH Steak — instead of Besh Steak.

The change, reported by New Orleans media, comes a week after a casino pennyless ties with luminary cook John Besh. The movement followed an inquisitive story by NOLA.comThe Times-Picayune about allegations of passionate nuisance involving a business.

The story summarized a claims of women who pronounced they were victims of passionate nuisance by masculine co-workers and bosses in a Besh Restaurant Group. Besh stepped down from his government purpose in a business after a story was published.

The name BH Steak honors William “Bill” Harrah, who founded a Harrah’s gambling sovereignty in a 1930s.


4:15 a.m.

Christian Bale won what embattled Kevin Spacey lost: a payoff of being name-checked on “This Is Us.”

Tuesday’s part of a NBC play enclosed a 2008 flashback stage in that a struggling actor learns his roommate has gotten a purpose in a vital movie.

In a stage filmed before Spacey was indicted of passionate misconduct, a anxious roommate refers to a Kevin Spacey film.

But “This Is Us” writer 20th Century Fox Television pronounced it motionless to mislay Spacey’s name, citing “recent events.” Viewers instead listened a plan called “a Christian Bale movie.”

In a arise of a Harvey Weinstein scandal, actor Anthony Rapp purported Spacey finished passionate advances toward him in 1986, when Rapp was 14. Spacey has pronounced he doesn’t remember a purported confront notation by BuzzFeed News final weekend.


3:10 a.m.

Police in Beverly Hills contend they are questioning complaints opposite ashamed film noble Harvey Weinstein and writer-director James Toback.

The Beverly Hills military dialect did not mention a inlet of a attack complaints, though Tuesday’s proclamation comes reduction than a month after countless women indicted Weinstein of intimately badgering them during hotels in a city in an display by a New York Times.

Toback has been indicted by hundreds of women of passionate harassment. Toback does not now have a representative.

Weinstein’s deputy Sallie Hofmeister did not immediately criticism on a new investigation. She has pronounced Weinstein denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Netflix has dangling prolongation on a final deteriorate of “House of Cards” amid allegations star Kevin Spacey finished a passionate allege on actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14.

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