The Moon Blocks 3 Planets, Star Today

The moon is throwing a ancestral retard celebration currently (Sept. 18).

Earth’s nearest neighbor occulted, or lonesome up, Venus and a splendid star Regulus in a sky this morning, and will swallow adult Mars and Mercury this evening.

The moon hadn’t occulted 3 planets in a singular 24-hour camber given Mar 2008, and it won’t do so again until Jul 2036, according to

But don’t get too excited, skywatchers.

“Overall, this fibre of heavenly occultations might be some-more of an educational than observational interest, since most of a universe is not quite well-situated for examination even one of these 4 occultations,” wrote yesterday (Sept. 17).

Indeed, all 4 events flattering most pass by North America and Europe, generally bearing a Southeast Asia and Pacific regions.

“Even during that, a occultations of Regulus, Mars and Mercury will be intensely tough to observe since they start in a daytime sky,” McClure wrote. “Undoubtedly, you’ll need a telescope to see any one of these lunar occultations — that is, if any one of them even takes place in your sky.”

The moon will retard Mars during about 4 p.m. EDT (2000 GMT) currently in an occultation manifest from tools of South America, Central America, Mexico and a Pacific Ocean. The Mercury occultation takes place during around 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT); it will be manifest from a mid-Pacific into Southeast Asia and tools of China.

You can see prominence maps for any of these events here:

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