The New Nintendo 2DS XL Is A 3DS Killer, Not A Threat To The Switch

Credit: Nintendo

The 2DS is a 3DS killer.

The Nintendo 2DS XL is brilliant, beautiful, and does something we didn’t consider was probable usually a integrate days ago: It effectively kills off a 3DS, digest it totally and totally irrelevant.

Good riddance.

I positively didn’t design a torpedo to come out of a blue like this, yet I’m certain happy it did.

The 3D on a 3DS were never flattering. To contend that it was injured would be an understatement. To contend that it softened games would be a sum exaggeration of a truth. Certainly a gimmick never lived adult to Nintendo’s guarantee of viable glasses-free 3D. Nor have any 3DS games indeed indispensable or benefited from 3D. Even its many argent examples—Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Mario 3D World—will tarry total on a 2DS.

(To be honest, 3D itself is customarily flattering disappointing, possibly in games or films. we would not strew a rip for a demise.)

Many, myself included, suspicion that the Nintendo Switch competence kill off a 3DS. It turns out there’s utterly a bit of direct for both platforms, during slightest for a time being. Nintendo has no skeleton to dump support for a 3DS height any time soon, and it doesn’t seem to be spiteful a Switch’s prospects either, yet that complement badly needs not usually a own Pokemon, but Switch versions of other traditionally 3DS titles (Monster Hunter, etc.)

Besides, a 2DS XL will be improved for younger players, and a price-point creates it impossibly appealing as a family purchase. For many Nintendo fans, carrying both will be an apparent choice (and for many others, this will simply meant a second or third or fourth squeeze in a 3DS family alone.)

Not usually is it giveaway from a stupid 3D gimmick, a New Nintendo 2DS XL is during slightest $100 cheaper than a 3DS XL, that ranges in cost yet is mostly north of $250. At $149.99 a New 2DS XL is a steal. And distinct a strange 2DS, a XL has a protecting clam bombard creation it both some-more organic and some-more stylish. It’s fundamentally usually a New 3DS XL reduction a 3D, that is perfect. It’s a ideal handheld.

I wish a white and bullion one. And we think we’ll see lots some-more cold tone combinations and special releases down a road. The complement launches on Jul 28th. Farewell 3D, we hardly knew you.

Fun Trivia: The 3DS has sole over 66 million units to date given Feb of 2011. That’s a lot of hardware sales, yet it doesn’t even come tighten to a Nintendo DS. That complement has sole over 154 million units given it launched in 2004. That’s some-more than any other Nintendo system, including a Wii (101 million.)

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