The Note: Trump’s Intelligence Showdown Over Russia



  • 6:19 AM: The prejudiced media does not news that any income spent on building a Great Wall (for consequence of speed), will be paid behind by Mexico later!
  • 6:39 AM: Hillary and a Dems were never going to kick a PASSION of my voters. They saw what was function in a final dual weeks before the……
  • 6:45 AM: and knew they were in large difficulty – that is since they cancelled their large fireworks during a final minute.THEY SAW A MOVEMENT LIKE NEVER BEFORE
  • 7:05 AM: Hopefully, all supporters, and those who wish to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will go to D.C. on Jan 20th. It will be a GREAT SHOW!
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  • 7:42 AM: being a film star-and that was deteriorate 1 compared to deteriorate 14. Now review him to my deteriorate 1. But who cares, he upheld Kasich Hillary
  • 9:18 AM: Anna Wintour came to my bureau during Trump Tower to ask me to accommodate with a editors of Conde Nast Steven Newhouse, a friend. Will go this AM.


–SHOWDOWN AT TRUMP TOWER AS PRESIDENT-ELECT SET TO RECEIVE INTEL BRIEFING: The male who has spent months dismissing concerns over Russia’s electoral hacking and adverse U.S. comprehension is approaching to accept information that he doesn’t wish to hear today, reports ABC’s BRIAN ROSS, JAMES GORDON MEEK, RANDY KREIDER and PAUL BLAKE. Donald Trump will accommodate with a Director of National Intelligence and heads of a FBI and a CIA in his New York skyscraper to accept a highly-classified news into Russia’s hacking of U.S. domestic institutions. Overnight – only hours after President Barack Obama perceived a news – new sum emerged of only what is contained in a tip document. A comparison central briefed on a comprehension sources, methods and assessments in a news that Trump will accept this morning told ABC News that a commentary are clear: a justification points directly to a Kremlin and to Russian President Vladimir Putin in what one central described as “multiple streams and forms of comprehension collection, not only debate examinations of a hacked systems.”

–SEAN SPICER ON ‘GOOD MORNING AMERICA’ SAYS TRUMP IS ‘PREPARED TO LISTEN’ ON RUSSIA: Donald Trump is “prepared to listen and understand” how U.S. comprehension agencies dynamic a attempted division of Russian and other unfamiliar entities in U.S. elections, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer told ABC’s GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS currently on ‘Good Morning America.’ But a president-elect will contend a “healthy skepticism,” Spicer added. ABC’s MORGAN WINSOR has more.

–OBAMA RECEIVES CLASSIFIED RUSSIAN HACKING REPORT, INTEL OFFICIALS MUM IN CAPITOL HILL TESTIMONY: Thursday morning during a White House, President Barack Obama perceived a personal news on a comprehension community’s full criticism of Russian and other cyberattacks on U.S. elections. At a same time, comparison comprehension officials testifying on Capitol Hill during a Senate discussion on unfamiliar cyberthreats refused to criticism privately on a report’s findings. Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper pronounced he would not criticism on a report’s commentary until Congress was entirely briefed and a chronicle of a news was done public, both of that are approaching to occur on Monday of subsequent week, records ABC’s JUSTIN FISHEL.

–MEXICO WILL PAY (US BACK FOR) THE WALL? President-elect Donald Trump tweeted currently that he would ask Mexico to repay a United States for a cost of building a wall on a U.S.-Mexico border. Incoming Trump press secretary Sean Spicer told ABC’s GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS this morning that Mexico would still compensate for a wall and zero was changing, citing a Trump convene in Oct when he pronounced Mexico would be “reimbursing” a United States. “The thought that we’re going by a appropriations routine and reckoning out how to compensate for it shouldn’t be a warn to anybody,” he said. Later this morning on CNN, Trump comparison confidant Kellyanne Conway forked to Congress for a thought that Mexico would being profitable a United States behind for a wall, ABC’s BENJAMIN SIEGEL, JORDYN PHELPS and RYAN STRUYK reports. “Congress, since that’s where things are paid for, Congress, we guess, is questioning a probability of profitable for it to make it some-more rapid and afterwards carrying Mexico compensate for it after a fact. But that’s what Congress is doing. Mr. Trump has always been really clear. And zero has changed. He’s building a wall. Mexico will compensate for it.”

–EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COUNTING THE ELECTORAL VOTES TODAY: Voters went to a polls roughly dual months ago, though a final step of a 2016 presidential choosing is still outstanding. A corner event of Congress is slated to plead a electoral votes Friday afternoon, strictly finale a 2016 presidential competition and electing Donald Trump a subsequent boss of a United States. Even Democrats determine there’s no possibility that Trump could be denied a White House. But that doesn’t meant things won’t get engaging — some might take a long-shot tactic that would concede hurdles to electoral ballots. ABC’s RYAN STRUYK has your beam to a process.

THIS WEEK ON ‘THIS WEEK’: As his presidential tenure comes to a close, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos sits down with President Barack Obama in a Oval Office for a final talk to simulate on his 8 years in office. The wide-ranging talk will residence a policies, decisions and promises a 44th boss done and a symbol they leave on a country’s history, as good Obama’s views on a transition with President-elect Donald Trump and a comprehension community’s latest criticism on Russia’s purported division in a 2016 election.


FROM ‘POWERHOUSE POLITICS’ — TOP DEMOCRAT WOULD SUPPORT CHALLENGE TO ELECTORAL VOTES. The second-ranking House Democrat, Steny Hoyer of Maryland, would support an bid to plea acceptance of a votes that will rigourously put Trump in a White House on Friday, he told ABC’s RICK KLEIN on a “Powerhouse Politics” podcast. “I don’t honestly consider he’s going to get a Senator to join in with him, that a routine requires,” pronounced Hoyer. But, “if he has a Senator, we will support him.”

FORMER CIA DIRECTOR JAMES WOOLSEY LEAVES TRUMP TRANSITION TEAM. Former CIA Director James Woolsey has left a Trump transition team, a orator reliable in a matter Thursday evening. “Effective immediately, Ambassador Woolsey is no longer a Senior Advisor to President-Elect Trump or a Transition. He wishes a President-Elect and his Administration good success in their time in office,” orator Jonathan Franks pronounced in an email, reports ABC’s BENJAMIN SIEGEL. Woolsey, who served as CIA executive underneath President Bill Clinton, assimilated President-elect Donald Trump’s debate as a comparison confidant in September. Aides to Trump did not immediately lapse a ask for comment.

DEMOCRATS CALL FOR ETHICS INVESTIGATION INTO TRUMP NOMINEE STOCK TRADING. Top Senate Democrats are job on a House Office of Congressional Ethics and a Securities and Exchange Commission to examine Georgia Rep. Tom Price’s trade activity on health-related bonds while portion in Congress and operative on health caring issues. According to a Wall Street Journal news in December, Price, a authority of a House Budget Committee and President-elect Donald Trump’s collect to lead a Department of Health and Human Services, bought and sole batch in about 40 health caring and biomedical companies in a final 4 years. He also sponsored a series of health-related bills during that time, reports ABC’s BENJAMIN SIEGEL.

SPOKESMAN DENIES DONALD TRUMP IS MULLING PLANS TO OVERHAUL TOP US INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer Thursday flatly denied that President-elect Donald Trump was deliberation reported skeleton to remodel a nation’s tip comprehension agencies. The rejection comes after a comparison Trump transition official, vocalization to ABC News progressing today, reliable a Wednesday night Wall Street Journal news on a plans, observant such reforms were underneath care by Trump and his team. But Spicer called that news “100 percent false” in a write call with reporters about a presidential transition. ABC’s JONATHAN KARL and MORGAN WINSOR have more:

HOW DONALD TRUMP AND INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES DIFFER ON 2016 HACKING. Since reports emerged final summer that a Democratic National Committee had been hacked, Donald Trump has questioned U.S. comprehension agencies’ assertions that Russia is behind a choosing meddling. ABC’s VERONICA STRACQUALURSI explains what Trump has recently pronounced (and tweeted), contra what a U.S. comprehension village — including a Department of Homeland Security and a Office of a Director of National Intelligence — has pronounced on a matter:

HOW U.S. SENATE CONFIRMATION HEARINGS WORK. Senators are set to start holding hearings subsequent week to endorse several of President-elect Donald Trump’s tip cupboard picks. And those group and women he has selected to lead a country’s agencies can design a grilling. Democrats have voiced disappointment that several of a possibilities have nonetheless to divulge their financial documents, that they contend are required for a full vetting. But can Democrats stop any of a picks from being confirmed? ABC’s MARYALICE PARKS and ALI ROGIN have a closer-look during how a routine works.

PAUL RYAN PROMISES REPUBLICANS WILL COMPLETE OBAMACARE REPLACEMENT BILL THIS YEAR. House Speaker Paul Ryan affianced Thursday that Republicans would finish legislation to both dissolution and reinstate Obamacare this year. A deputy devise will be created to concede new programs to be phased-in later, Ryan said, though betrothed that Congress would finish a check this year, ABC’s MARYALICE PARKS reports. His care group has nonetheless to deliver any legislation, let alone a check that has a support of a infancy of his conference. Still, a Speaker pronounced he was assured a check could be stoical and authorized swiftly.

NO, PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS NOT SAID HE IS REFUSING TO LEAVE OFFICE. A new essay creation waves on Facebook claims that President Obama has refused to step down from a presidency, given a formula of a 2016 presidential election. The essay — “Breaking: Barack Obama Refusing To Leave Office: ‘I Cannot, in Good Conscience, Cede a Presidency to Donald Trump’ — was posted on a U.S. Postman website on Dec. 15, as good as on some-more than two-dozen other websites, including FN4Y and Universe Politics. ABC News dug into a claims in a essay and found that probably all in a story — including a title — is false. ABC’s RYAN STRUYK has more:


@joshrogin: Exclusive: Mattis discordant with Trump transition group over Pentagon staffing @washingtonpost

@seanspicer: Great transition during DoD. Reports to discordant totally fake and come from sources who do not have any believe of a transition efforts

@brycecovert: Obama hereditary an economy that had only mislaid 524,00 jobs a month before. Trump is inheriting one that only combined 156,000.

@shanegoldmacher: How am we only realizing a Trump hotel is literally subsequent doorway to a IRS?

@robbymook: This news should be expelled asap with few redactions as possible. Public needs to know border of Russia’s role

@teddyschleifer: NEWS: Trump’s Inaugural Committtee has lifted ~$90 million so f

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