The Trump transition group seems to have asked NASA about mining on a moon

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Donald Trump’s transition group asked NASA for details
on a for-profit partnerships, and sought information about the
intensity to mine resources on the moon, according to a
trove of
inner documents
performed by Motherboard.

According to a documents, a questions from Trump’s Agency
Review Team (ART) largely focused on a interests of
blurb space companies and NASA’s intensity assistance them turn

Here’s a topline ask on one document:

The ART has requested a following information:

Provide information and examples of how NASA does technology
growth (perhaps even in a form of products) when working
with industry—for example, forms of contracts/partnerships and IP
[intellectual property] arrangements. The seductiveness is in how the
formula of government-funded growth get disseminated (or

In papers sent behind to a ART, NASA regularly pointed
out that a purpose is scientific, with a group primarily
focused on fluctuating investigate and scrutiny into tools of space
private attention can’t reach.

However, NASA’s responses also emphasized a ways the
agency works to support industry, and mentioned projects it
has grown with blurb partners.

NASA envisions a destiny in that low Earth
circuit is mostly a domain of blurb activity while NASA
leads a general and blurb partners in a human
scrutiny of low space,” a group wrote.

The papers also enclosed a slideshow with details
about the intensity for mining operations on the
moon. One of a hurdles of lunar mining, NASA pointed
out, is that it’s formidable to locate deposits of useful minerals
from space. A ground-based prospecting goal would likely
be necessary.

NASA explained that a US, along with Taiwan, is
building a concept for a lunar “prospector”


capture two.PNGNASA

The prospector goal would focus on investigating
resources on a moon that would be required for human
habitation, including oxygen, hydrogen, and other
profitable compounds

There are a series of other resources on a moon,
including singular earth metals
, that could be of
interest to blurb companies. But, as Motherboard points
out, strip-mining a moon for distinction could put a US during risk of
violating the 1967 Outer Space
, that forbids uneven private use of space

Whether Trump will indeed pull for mining on the moon
stays to be seen, of course. But a arm of NASA that deals
with tellurian spaceflight is one of a few scientific
 of a public supervision that isn’t
facing major cuts in a White House’s bill proposal.

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